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Buy Victorinox Kitchen Knives Online

Updated on July 9, 2012

Excellent Knives for More Than a Reasonable Price

Victorinox kitchen knives are one of the most popular kitchen knives on the market nowadays, and with good reason. They are maybe the best budget knives out there. If you are looking for a set of quality knives with a great price, then Victorinox, or Forschner as they are also known, is the way to go. A nice addition to any kitchen.

These knives are made of a high quality high carbon stainless steel with a process known as stamped. A stamped knife is cut out into a nearly perfectly formed knife blade from a sheet of steel. This method of manufacturing achieves to produce less expensive knives and it is frequently associated with cheap low quality knives. However, there is nothing low quality about Victorinox kitchen knives. The knives are made in a way, tempering the steel, which can produce stamped knives that are just as good as forged knives, if not better. With an edge that holds well and can be sharpened again and again without problem.

In Addition, Victorinox knives have been ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and provide a good grip. And they come with a lifetime warranty.

Victorinox Kitchen Knives block set
Victorinox Kitchen Knives block set

The difference between forged and stamped knives is the weight and feel. High quality stamped knives, as the ones highlighted in this hubpage, are lighter than forged ones. And at the end of the day a lighter knife means less fatigue. Victorinox, recently bring out a forged kitchen knife range on the market. However all the knives evaluate in this hub are stamped.

You will see that some of these knives say Forschner by Victorinox on the blade and others only Victorinox, that is because Victorinox used to commercialize them with the Forschner brand until last year, However nowadays all their knives are commercialized with the Victorinox brand. But, it actually doesn't matter whether the knife says Forschner or Victorinox, both are made by Victorinox in Switzerland and have the same quality.

In this hub I will list some of the most popular Victorinox kitchen knives at Amazon. One of the most trusted retail stores on the web, and an excellent site to find bargains

Victorinox Forschner 8 inch Chef Knife with Fibrox Handle

Are you looking for a good Chef's knife? Then consider this 8 inch multipurpose kitchen knife. It is simply great. Sturdy construction, excellent design, well balanced, with an edge that it is extremely sharp and with a comfortable and secure handle. What more can I say? If you are searching for a high quality chef knife with a fantastic price click the link to Amazon and read some of the more than 360 reviews, all of them positives! You won't be sorry to choose this Victorinox kitchen knife.

Victorinox 3¼ inch Paring Knife with Black Handle

Perhaps, you are looking for a paring knife to add to your collection. Then This Victorinox 3¼ paring knife could be the right for you. The knife is small, but not so small to be useless, and the textured synthetic polypropylene handle is big enough to have a comfortable and secure grip, a little wider handle could have been nice, though. The quality and finish, as in any Victorinox product, is excellent and the price is almost unbeatable considering the value of a Swiss made knife. The only complaint is that the knife is extremely lightweight, you don’t feel it like a quality knife, but it is!

Victorinox 7 inch Granton Edge Santoku Knife with Fibrox Black Handle

The Victorinox Santoku has a blade that is very thin and very sharp. It features a Granton Edge blade, you can recognize it by the dimples on the sides of the blade. So it does thin slices and crisp vegetables very well, it isn't as good for heavy duty tasks, though. But fine for most home kitchen needs. The Santoku blade also is wider than a chef knife, making it useful for scooping up the cut food and transferring it to the pan.

Victorinox 10¼ Inch Wavy Bread Knife with Black Fibrox Handle

The Victorinox bread knife is an excellent knife, well balanced, exceptionally sharp and holds an edge as well as anyone would wish. It cuts through hard bread and soft items easily and it is a must-have for cakes. Be aware that it is a little large measuring more than 15in with the handle. If this model is too large for you, Victorinox also made a smaller model with a blade measuring 8in in length. Both are great knives and at such a reasonable price. Recommended!

Victorinox 3 Piece Chef Knives with Fibrox Handle Set

Are you looking for a knife set? This 3 piece chef set is one of the most popular nowadays. It features a paring knife, a slicer, and a chef knife, all of them from the Fibrox handle line. The paring knife is 4in long, the slicer 8in and the chef measures 10in in length. Excellent for a gift or for people who want a basic set of quality kitchen knives at an affordable price.

Victorinox 8 Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set Fibrox Line

If you like a more complete kitchen knife set with its wooden block, then this Victorinox set could be the perfect choice for you. It includes a 4in paring knife, a 6in boning knife, an 8in chef's knife, an 8in serrated bread knife; a 10in slicing knife; a 10in sharpening steel, kitchen shears, and a hardwood storage block. All of them are made of quality high carbon stainless steel that is sharp and holds its edge well. The handles are made of Fibrox with a secure grip. And the price considering the bargain at Amazon is a steal.


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