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Cute Swarovski Crystal Hedgehogs

Updated on September 29, 2014

Cute Hedgehog Gifts for Swarovski Hedgehog Fans

I have to ask myself, what better Christmas gift for a hedgehog fan than a cute crystal hedgehog? In the UK, they not generally kept as pets but are a much loved part of our wildlife and eco-system. At home we are regular supporters of a hedgehog rescue and I look forward each year to the updates from "hedgehog lady" Elaine Drewery.

By now, if you have read my pages about Guthram, you will probably see that I love hedgehogs, if not, here is a quick summary. The nearest we ever came to having one as a pet was when our neighbour brought an orphan round one November. He was too small to survive hibernation, so he came to live with us for a while. Guthram lived in a box in the hallway and came out from time to time to terrorize the cats!

As I love the little creatures, I thought I would devote this page to cute hedgehog gifts. Read on to discover more adorable crystal hedgehogs and the story of Guthram the rescue hedgehog who started it all so long ago....

Fighting hedgehog image by Oliver Tadpole, reproduced from Old Guthram's Almanac with permission. All rights reserved.

Cute Crystal and Glass Hedgehogs - Glass Collectibles and Novelties

This selection of novelties and little gifts will entertain children and adults alike! I hope you enjoy browsing through these adorable hedgehog ornaments.

Swarovski Crystal Hedgehog Smalll
Swarovski Crystal Hedgehog Smalll

I love this tiny Swarovski hedgehog. It comes in a box, with certificate of authenticity.


Swarovski crystal is not the only glass that is highly collectible. Murano glass is too and, whether they are hedgehogs or in fact crystal porcupines, these tiny animals would make a lovely gift for a little girl to put in her room and treasure.

Murano Glass Candy porcupine hedgehog pair
Murano Glass Candy porcupine hedgehog pair

These little creatures seem to be sitting on a mirror, the maker is unsure if they are porcupines, but I think not! A great starter gift for Murano glass.


San Diego based glass artist Kevin Prochaska is the designer of this delightful handblown crystal hedgehog. It is made entirely from borosilicate crystal and 24k gold which gives it those irridescent highlights.

Hand Blown Glass Hedgehog Figurine
Hand Blown Glass Hedgehog Figurine

I think this cute blown glass hedgehog is beautiful. What is prickly but adorable? A hedgehog obviously. Just add the dimension of blown glass - preferably lead crystal - and the little one becomes elegant too.


Swarovski Lovlots Nick - Chief Crystal Hedgehog Nick

Swarovski crystal hedgehog Nick keeps his brother Spike in line. His crystal copper body is irridescent with hedgehogginess!

Swarovski Nick Figurine
Swarovski Nick Figurine

Copper crystal body and jet haematite eyes make Nick a little more like a real hedgehog than brother Spike.


Bargain Swarovski hedgehogs for sale here - Adorable Crystal Hedgehogs For Hedgehog Fans

I have picked up some real crystal bargains on eBay. Here you can bid for Swarovski hedgehogs. These are both genuine and replica, so please read the listings carefully to avoid mistakes.

I hope these adorable crystal hedgehogs made you smile!

Thank you for visiting the Crystal Hedgehog Hibernarium! - Nick Hedgehog and Spike Hedgehog thank you too!

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      These are almost cuter than hedgehogs themselves!

    • profile image

      olivertadpole 7 years ago

      Now look what I gone and done :P Good job!!

    • LisaMarieGabriel profile image

      Lisa Marie Gabriel 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      @WindyWintersHubs: Thank you :))

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      WindyWintersHubs 7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC