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Electric Pruners

Updated on April 8, 2013

Gardening is a fantastic hobby and one that brings a huge amount of satisfaction and joy in watching your hard work pay off in beautiful flowers, delicious fruit and vegetables and a wonderfully peaceful and tranquil setting to while away the hours to de-stress and relax. Part of the joy of gardening is pruning plants to coax them into producing ever more bushy foliage, more flowers and more of the fresh, untainted fruits and berries.

This is a gift that those who know how to grow their own produce without resorting to dangerous pesticides and other chemicals can enjoy as well as those who love to grow flowering shrubs and trees have a special affinity with.

However, some gardeners lose the strength in their hands and whether it is is because of advancing years, or accidents or illness, their ability to use regular hand pruners diminishes. But there is now an alternative in the availability of powered, electric pruners that are simplicity itself to use for anyone with limited strength in their hands. This Hub Page looks at these useful and versatile garden pruners and how they can be used by just about anyone.

Powered Pruners Benefits

The major benefit of electric pruners, sometimes also called powered pruners is in their ability to cut through tough woody stems with absolutely no effort by the hand of the gardener undertaking the pruning. This is a real boon to those who have little strength in their hands to squeeze regular hand pruners together in order to make the necessary cuts.

By placing the blades around the part of the stem to be pruned and with a simple press of the trigger, the electric pruners do the rest by slicing through the stem and making the prune. The blades are sharp enough to get through all but the toughest stems up to the diameter specified in the manufacturer's instructions for the pruners.

Another benefit associated with the cordless pruners is that you can take them anywhere and use them without the need for an electricity outlet. This is perfect for remote homesteads and farms, large gardens with areas that would be awkward to take an extension power cable and for getting up into taller shrubs on a long ladder.

Types of Electric Pruners

There are two main types of electric pruners and these are the corded and cordless varieties.

Corded Electric Pruners

These are more heavy duty devices and are used for carrying out all the really tough pruning that needs to be done. They are limited by their cord length, so if you have a really large garden to work on, you will need a long extension cord to reach the extreme edges of your garden.

Cordless Electric Pruners

These are better suited for people who need to travel away from the house or a source of electricity or simply for those who don't want to be restricted to using a corded pruner. They run on are chargeable battery similar to powered DIY tools such as cordless drills or sanders. The battery is left on charge while the unit is not in use and when fully charged, the battery will last for several hours depending upon the manufacturer's recommendations.

Several well known manufacturers make both corded and cordless electric pruners and you'll find then listed in DIY stores, hardware shops and online as well. Names like Felco pruners, Bosch cordless pruners (pictured), Ryobi electric pruners, Bahco pruners and many more besides.

Electric pruners are perfect for people who need the freedom from hand strain when you have a lot of pruning to do as well as for those who cannot use standard hand pruners for lack of strength in their hands.


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