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Ratchet Pruners

Updated on April 8, 2013

Gardeners appreciate the kinds of tools that make their life as easy as possible while still preserving the timeless nature of working in a garden for the furthering of its beauty and functionality as a place to enjoy and make use of when the weather is fine.

One of those tools that a gardener really should not be without is a set of hand ratchet pruners. These useful pruners make light work of pruning thicker, more difficult plants and cutting out dead wood with ease and without the hand ache cause by trying to cut through tough woody stems with ordinary hand pruning shears.

So this Hub Page looks at the many advantages of using ratchet pruners to undertake those tougher gardening pruning jobs over the other types of hand pruners that are available.

Ratchet Pruners Advantages

The main advantages that ratchet pruners have over standard bypass pruners or anvil pruners is that they can tackle thick, woody stems of plants without having to use undue pressure with the hand in order to cut through them. This is true of all thicker woody stems such as roses, dogwoods, Hebe, rhododendrons, azaleas and other woody shrubs that you are likely to have in your garden.

They are also very useful for pruning dead wood from fruiting trees such as apples, peaches, plums, pears, gages, apricots and cherries after they have fruited. Similarly, fruiting shrubs such as blackcurrant, redcurrant, blackberry, loganberry, blueberry, cranberry etc that need pruning will all be done with far greater ease when using ratchet pruners instead of regular hand pruning shears.

Another great advantage of ratchet pruners is their compact size, which makes them easy to carry around with you when you're doing several pruning jobs in the garden.

What to Look for in Ratchet Pruners

It pays to buy good quality ratchet pruners when you decide to add this tool to your array of garden tools. Buying cheap hand pruners is always false economy as they tend to break easily or wear out too quickly necessitating replacements far sooner and at additional costs than had you paid more in the first place to buy very good quality tools.

There are some well known brand names that make good pruners and these can be sourced both online and at good DIY or garden stores. The best types to get are made from stainless steel, although not all manufacturers make these. if you can get hold a set of stainless steel ratchet pruners, then they will last you a lifetime with proper care and attention.

Gardening is a pleasant pursuit that should never be seen as a chore. By making some of the jibs that have to be done around the garden less time consuming and easier to accomplish, those gardening jobs become a real pleasure to carry out. Having all the right tools for each gardening job makes those jobs that much easier and more enjoyable to carry out and therefore the cost of the tools is easily offset by the enjoyment that using them brings and eases the load of the whole gardening experience.


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