How much for a small home near the Beach, And how much is gas in Nicaragua? Than

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    David Mearsposted 8 years ago

    How much for a small home near the Beach, And how much is gas in Nicaragua? Thanks,...

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    criderhollyposted 8 years ago

    Thanks for reading my hubpage. Houses are very reasonable in Nicaragua, you just have to get the right realtor.
    Depending on the size of the house and the location you could get some pretty cheap. I will link some Nicaraguan real esate websites for you. … 0&cod=

    Momotombo is pretty much the best agency to go with in Nicaragua. There are some very good beaches on the west coast, San Juan del Sur is overrated I would say, but I don't know what exactly you would like. There are some beaches that are not as well known and just as good that you could find something cheaper at. So don't let the realtors tell you there aren't many choices.

    Gas is about $1.10 a litre. Diesel is cheaper in Nica.

    I know of more agencies that would possibly be better, but at least you can see about what it'll look like.
    I'll get back to you with more links. I know of some smaller communities that you could buy houses in and that would include golf courses and yard care and maybe more, so I will look for those names and get them to you as well.

    Now, I don't know what research you've done yourself but, unless you are set on Nica. I'd check into Costa Rica as well. you could get soemthing about the same price maybe a tad higher, but the country is more stable and groceries and utilities would possibly be a tad cheaper. Also, Costa Rica is much more 'Americanized' and better for retirement homes. Again, not sure if you're abosoluelty wanting soemthing in Nica.
    But, Costa Rica is much mroe suited for families or retired couples.
    If you'd like to contact me again you can email me direct at

    Hope this has helped. smile