How do you unload a house?

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    na cairridireposted 7 years ago

    How do you unload a house?

    If you have a fixer uper you could fix it yourself but if you are recently remarried you have two options 1. keep it and fix it later and sell the thing and pocket the profit or 2. unload it for what you owe and walk away. I know how to keep it but I was wondering how to unload a house that needs 9,000 of work it has 43,000.00 owed and would sell refurburished in that area for 80,000.00.

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    ladybug75posted 7 years ago

    If you are selling yourself one of the best ways to get offers quick is to make sure you list a price on your for sale sign. Make sure you elevate your price a little since everyone likes to feel like they are getting a deal.
    By listing a price people are more likely to call since they already have an idea of what ball park you are in. My husband and I did this and it worked great!

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