Briggs and Stratton 5hp Quantum - Smell Gas and Carb is apparently overflowing.

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    rmichaelwestposted 7 years ago

    Briggs and Stratton 5hp Quantum - Smell Gas and Carb is apparently overflowing.  Won't start.

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    Traffic Manposted 7 years ago

    ok. depending on the type of carb there are several easy fixes.
    If the carb has a bowl under it chances are your float is stuck.Or it could be that  your Valve Float Needle has a bad seal. These are cheap to fix.

    Go to your local lawn mower supply with both the float and needle. You might want to have the model number of the engine hand just in case.
    They should be able to hook you up with OEM replacements for less than $20

    If it's a tank type carb you might be better off replacing the whole carb. 90% of Briggs tank type carbs are plastic and will run you less than $40

    I hope this answer helps...Good Luck

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    eugbugposted 6 years ago

    The float in the float bowl on an engine works similar to a toilet cistern float valve and allows fuel to fill the bowl from the tank. The float shuts off the fuel when it reaches near the top of the bowl.  An overflowing carburettor can be caused by either a float which has become stuck, is punctured and sinking in the fuel in the float bowl or a valve in the float bowl becoming obstructed preventing it being shut off properly. All of these faults can cause the bowl to fill and continue filling until it overflows into the carburettor.
    Turn off the fuel tap if there is one, if there isn't hold a container under the carburettor to collect any gas from the fuel tank. Remove the float bowl by undoing the screw or bolt at its base. Turn on the fuel tap and then raise the float up gently and check it cuts off the fuel. If it doesn't, the valve may be blocked by dirt or coated with deposits and needs to be cleaned.  Empty out any dirt in the bowl. Check the float if hollow isn't punctured.