kingman az what types of locks required for my area

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    bertram's maint.posted 7 years ago

    kingman az what types of locks required for my area

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    Research Analystposted 7 years ago

    Lock Change and Securing Service Requirements:

    windows and doors secured, broken glass replaced, unless the opening is to be boarded up.

    Locks on the front and rear entry doors replaced with master lock sets: Kwikset No. 400T, Kwikset No. 400P, Kwikset No. 400V or equivalent, with identical key codes.

    replace handle set with a Kwikset lock for deadbolt lock on the main entry door..

    entryways that provide access to the living area, attached garage or basement should be secured with a slide bolt,

    Since doors and windows should not be braced or nailed shut, replace locking mechanism on windows. Sliding glass doors should be double locked.

    Detached garage doors and outbuildings should be secured with a padlock and hasp.

    Unplug automatic garage door openers and secure garage doors to allow for opening and closing without the use of the automatic garage door opener.

    Reference: http://www.propertypreservationtraining … uirements/