ok still dont understand what i see is good but the majority of these organazati

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    deborahchairesposted 7 years ago

    ok still dont understand what i see is good but the majority of these organazations only help...

    who they want to i work hard and live paycheck to paycheck r work treats us like crap sometimes but i dont ask for help and when i do its always u make to much so can i get some help im have a habitat for humanity home thi past year i went through some depression and now owe 15,000 i will never catch up and now im losing my home and its hard at least give me some good advise i dont want to lose my home

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    If it's not too late, you may be able to avoid foreclosure. Try working with your lender to see if there's any way to keep  the home...
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    local expert. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides foreclosure advice in many cities at no charge.
    your situation is different. {You will need to find out what will apply to you and your specific circumstances}
    It's best to know all the options before you make a decision you can't reverse.
    http://banking.about.com/od/mortgages/a … advice.htm

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