When we use the spicket built in to our Bunn CW series to make a cup of tea or c

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    Mike_Bposted 7 years ago

    When we use the spicket built in to our Bunn CW series to make a cup of tea or cocoa, it seems...

    to lower the amount of water that brews the next pot of coffee. Why is there a spicket on there if it would do that or is there something wrong? Thanks!

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    TurtleDogposted 7 years ago

    Great question! Hopefully I can help....The CW series coffee maker typically gives you two options to getting water into your coffee pot:

    1) You can pour of pot water directly into the black (or whatever color you have) rectangular lid on top of the coffee machine and that amount of coffee will dispense into the pot.  If you use the spigot in the meantime it will reduce the amount of coffee in the pot since you are diverting some of it from the reservoir to your cocoa cup.


    2) You have the unit set up as Direct water feed (a unit that is plumbed right into the building and draws water from your plumbing). If you have this set up a couple things may be happening:

    a) If you are running the spigot While a pot is brewing, you'll divert water as well. The water pours on a timer, if you run water while you are actually making a pot you'll divert water away from the pot and into you cocoa cup. The timer doesn't know the water level, just the time it has to pour. Anything you take out the spigot during this time, is lost.

    b)  If your unit is direct water feed and you are not running the spigot during the brewing process, let me know. I have a service manual at work I can look at.  I can't be sure I can answer it, but I might.