What are the spots on my linden tree?

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    jmeleesposted 6 years ago

    What are the spots on my linden tree?

    have an American Linden tree growing on my property. Last year dark spots began to appear on it’s leaves. Branches have fallen off the tree. . Any idea of what could be causing this?

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    Lee Curtisposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for the question, not sure about why the branches are dropping off after such a short period of time, maybe its been going on longer than you realize.  is there any bark being stripped off these branches, the grey squirrel always does this, here is my answer below.  if this answer helps you please click on the like button or leave a comment on one of my hubs:-)

    Scientific Name

    Elsinoe tiliae

    Common Name

    Lime anthracnose


    Spheloma tiliae

    Type of Agent

    Leaf pathogen



    Host and Localisation

    On leaves and sometimes young shoots


    Appearance of small yellow blisters on the leaves at the start of the season, which then turn into dark spots.  the centre of these dots turns progressively grey.  An early leaf fall at the end of the summer can occur in a severe attack.

    Possible Confusion

    other fungi causing anthracnose, such as Cercospora microsora, Septoria tiliae, Apiognominia tiliae


    all dead and dying branches should be pruned out of a tree (always),  remove and destroy any affected parts including fallen leaves.  if using chemicals a thorough check of regulations for your area should be made or consult a qualified arborist.

    browning of the leaf margins and discoloration could be

    herbicide damage

    hope this helps