Formica & Laminate Over Woodchip: What are the best methods when painting over?

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    shazwellynposted 6 years ago

    Formica & Laminate Over Woodchip: What are the best methods when painting over?

    After wanting to revamp old laminate/formica wardrobes, I am looking for best painting methods and products to achieve a new look.  Any tips?

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    ArtzGirlposted 6 years ago

    As an artist, I would try some of the Faux finishes to create a unique pattern with the paints.  Try something that creates different textures or something that would give the look that you are building layers and adding new dimensions to the existing surface.

    Home Depot, hobby shops, and other home stores sometimes have some great idea books that you can flip through for ideas.  There are even a couple of magazines now that feature faux finishes.

    In picking the colors for this, I would look at the colors that you plan to use in the rest of the room-- and play off of the existing colors in the other areas that will be nearest the walls where this feature will be altered.

    You want to create "harmony" in the surrounding room and area... or possibly create an accent wall/accessory.  But in my personal taste, I always find that I am much happier (long term) to go with the flow and pick up colors that are already in the existing room/area.  This way, you can change your accent colors in what you place near this area... rather than having to repaint or resurface your project that you are working on now.

    As far as knowing exactly which type of resin to use, I don't know.  I haven't researched this process yet.  But I would definitely recommend doing a faux finish, rather than a flat finish.  It will come out looking much more "intentional"-- and much better than the original finish.

    Here is an article that I googled:

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