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What is the best way to stop deer from eating your garden?

  1. Outbound Dan profile image97
    Outbound Danposted 5 years ago

    What is the best way to stop deer from eating your garden?

  2. profile image0
    Longhunterposted 5 years ago

    Lowe's and Home Depot have a product called Deer Away or Deer Off that I've had success with.

    If it's a vegetable garden, try going to your local barber and get some cut hair. Sounds weird but I've been told it it works.

  3. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 5 years ago

    Make simple effigies that look like a person. Attach a bell or bells to each effigy such that the bells will make sounds upon vibration from the wind. Stand the effigies in your garden and this will ensure no deer enters your garden.

  4. The Dirt Farmer profile image97
    The Dirt Farmerposted 5 years ago

    We have lots of deer in our neighborhood and have tried just about everything (short of building a fence) to keep them from destroying our shrubs, fruit trees, vegetables and flowers, including dog hair, people hair, and noisy hanging aluminum pans. What's worked the best is the rotten egg and garlic mix Longhunter mentions. My husband mixes it up with water and I spray it on the plants the deer like best after every hard rain. Just don't spray when it's windy. This stuff really stinks!