Can a pool pump be damaged by a large amount of peeling paint being passed throu

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    flacoinohioposted 4 years ago

    Can a pool pump be damaged by a large amount of peeling paint being passed through the system?

    My neighborhood pool was repainted this Spring.  The paint job was completed in three phases.  The first layer was done last fall, the majority of the second layer was done this Spring when the pool was empty but the company ran out of paint.  The final section of paint was applied with the pool 90% full.  The paint began to peel in large chunks in the area painted last and spread throughout the entire pool.  There are paint chips throughout the pump, the pump basket ,and the entire filtration and heating system.  Can these paint chips damage the heating, pumping, and filtration systems?

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    epsonok0posted 4 years ago

    Yes, and without proper cleanout with tweezers or an attempt to back wash.
    The filter system needs replaced.
    Just the sand or other microfilter.
    The paint chips get smaller with each pass.
    And eventualy become a chemical problem as well as a problem when they return to liquid form, they then bind in the filter over winter, allowing water to break seals and fittings.
    First try to back wash and remove the paint to waste as you vacume.
    Continue to fill the pool with a hose as this is done.
    IF that does not work. And I kid you not that is the hardest longest thing to go through. Your pump will need replaced.