Why do you feel like your not good enough?

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    dilaydaslifeposted 3 years ago

    Why do you feel like your not good enough?

    I feel like mosey of the time that I am stupid or not worthy enough my friend  who is great at everything and has boys all around her is smart pretty and popular while I am the one that stands around and listens to her unreasonable problems and issues. She thinks she hates her life and that her life sucks but she's dead wrong of course I can never say that to her face but I know that your friends with someone that is so much better that you is kind of depressing

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    Dave36posted 3 years ago

    I think in a situation like yours you should just use some logic mate, for example is she really great at everything or is that just how you see her..She's surrounded by guys so how will she ever know if a guy "really" wants her, or is it just because of the way she looks.(that's logical)..She hates her life, but you would like it.(that's not logical is it)?....Now think about this logically, & i will be blunt here (so no offence)..But is she really your friend if you can't disagree with her on something?, or are you friends with her because she's popular?....I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but as you get older (like me) your'l realise you never wanted what other people have or had..Your'l notice this because you "will" probably get/have what other people had/have, & you will find it didn't lead you to what you actually want in life (& what everyone is searching for), & that's contentment....So if i we're you i would go & do exactly what it is, "you" want to do with your spare time etc..That requires work & effort of course, but better than standing around listening to someone who's "got it all" telling you she hates having it!lol....She's telling you herself so listen to her, but see it another way, & this is where i might lose you if i haven't already....In my opinion & this is a bit "far out" i know, but i reckon it's not "her" telling you the things she has aren't worth having....No it's the universe/consciousness/higher self/god what have you, telling you & giving you clues through "her" (your friend), & now me....I know it's a hard concept to wrap your head around, but if you find your "reason to being" your "forte in life" your "passions/hobbies" in life, everything else becomes simple & easy to get..So your definitely good enough your just asking the wrong questions, so don't see what others have, but rather ask yourself what you would love to do.

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    Josh Makaveliposted 3 years ago

    Whenever you stop believing in yourself then it feels to you that you are not good enough. This happens because you stop inspiring people around you but you might have some inspirations. A solution to this problem is that you must believe in yourself that you can do anything you want. You should start doing good deeds and in return dont expect anything this will make your heart big enough and you feel happy.