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Do you prefer to garden with heirloom seeds, or are you fine with hybrid varieti

  1. Daniella Lopez profile image94
    Daniella Lopezposted 3 years ago

    Do you prefer to garden with heirloom seeds, or are you fine with hybrid varieties?

    For those of you who garden, do you prefer to only use heirloom varieties of seeds and plants, or are you okay with using hybrid seeds and plants as well?

  2. profile image56
    dlj1222posted 3 years ago

    I, myself love to use heirloom seeds and plants due to the memories they bring. I also use some hybrid seeds as well especially if I'm looking for certain color coordinates for different areas. In my front gardens I love the heirloom plants and seeds for the cottage effect. My back gardens I like to use hybrid for a tropical feel.

  3. BongSantos profile image60
    BongSantosposted 3 years ago

    Heirloom seeds. God's creation is always the best.

  4. lisavollrath profile image96
    lisavollrathposted 3 years ago

    Since I live in an area where it can be a challenge to get things to grow, I use more hybrids than heirlooms. A lot of the seeds I buy are hybridized for low water use, and heat tolerance. However, all the seeds I plant are organic and non-GMO, and come from small companies that support seed diversity.

  5. Jodah profile image91
    Jodahposted 3 years ago

    Heirloom as much as possible because it is our responsibility to keep these original strains going. Besides most hybrid varieties will not self-seed so you have to keep buying new seeds each time. With heirlooms you can keep producing new plants from the seeds of the old plant.