Wanting home decor inspiration. I want it for any room in the house!

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    rubyshoes11posted 17 months ago

    Wanting home decor inspiration.  I want it for any room in the house!

    I welcome ideas using new materials, used or recycled materials, unique paint treatments, window treatments, color palettes, art, printables, accessories andything and everything relateing to home decor.

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    StephanieWeemhoffposted 17 months ago

    This question/request is a bit vague. Here is what I would say.
    Bathroom: light tourquise and white. Ocean-y feel. All-natural cotton fabrics.
    Bedroom: Robin's Egg blue, cotton comforter or soothing sage green. Textured blankets. Lots of pillows. Mirrors to reflect light. Plants to create atmosphere.
    Hallway: cream color. Wainscotting. Hang wooden frames above the trim.
    Living room: Deep maroon with old-fashioned film paraphernalia if you like to watch a lot of movies. Film strip style picture frames and lamps to add ambiance.
    Kitchen: Coffee-browns, Tomato-reds, very Italy meets cozy coffee-house. Go for practicality with anti-fatigue mats.

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      rubyshoes11posted 17 months agoin reply to this

      Loving the bed, bath, hallway palette. The living room sounds very cool, that would take a huge leap of faith for me, but what the heck, I might love it!!