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Do you prefer a rainy day or a sunny day?

  1. DH Reviews profile image53
    DH Reviewsposted 19 months ago

    Do you prefer a rainy day or a sunny day?

  2. eirofficial3112 profile image83
    eirofficial3112posted 19 months ago

    I would rather prefer rainy day since it cools off everything. It's also quite refreshing to see everything after the rain.

  3. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 19 months ago

    I like change. I live in sunny California. So, I prefer rainy days for that change. But, having many sunny days may be of good fortune contrast many rainy days.

  4. gregas profile image82
    gregasposted 19 months ago

    I prefer a combination. Mix them up. To many of either for long periods of time gets old.

  5. CapCooL profile image92
    CapCooLposted 19 months ago

    I like rainy days better than sunny days. I can always relax better on those days.

  6. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 19 months ago


    Sunshine and crystal blue skies with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches make for the perfect day in my opinion.