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Futon vs Bed

Updated on September 10, 2014

Futon vs Bed For a Small Apartment

My grandmother is going to be moving into a smaller apartment in a few months. She will no longer have room for her large queen size bed. It will be a bachelor style apartment, so she has to weigh the options of a futon vs bed. Quite a few of my relatives are recommending a futon for her. I personally take the opposite side of the futon vs bed debate.

We are giving her the replacement for her bed as a Christmas Gift, but it will be my grandmothers decision for what style she wants us to buy for her. However I don't want to buy her something that she will regret having chosen later on. So I want to make sure she has considered all the pros and cons when considering getting a futon vs a bed.

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Pros and Cons of a Futon

A futon is an excellent choice for younger people who have a small living space. When you are young you can sleep on anything, even the floor, with no aches or pains when you wake up. I don't think it is a good choice for the elderly. When you get older your body is not as able to deal with less comfortable sleeping arrangements.

I also don't think my relatives are considering the fact that she is the one who would have to put it up and down. This would possibly be fine if she was fifty, sixty, or maybe even in her early seventies, but she is older than that.

She has troubles trying to push a vacuum, but they want her to open and close a futon? I don't think that is too likely to happen. So if it is going to be left down all the time why not just get a bed.

Homelegance 4823GP Convertible/Adjustable Sofa Bed, Graphite Microfiber
Homelegance 4823GP Convertible/Adjustable Sofa Bed, Graphite Microfiber

If she does decide to buy a futon this is the one I would recommend. It is simple and elegant looking. It has the best reviews from the people who own one. Plus it has a button you can push to release the fold down option. That would at least make it easier for her to use it.


Why She Should Buy a Bed

The place you sleep is where you spend one third of your life, so it should be comfortable. This is why I believe she should buy a bed. She has a comfortable chair that she will be taking with her. So she doesn't need the couch, it is only for when people visit. Where she is moving to they have a card room that her visitors could go there with her to sit and chat.

If she wants to be able to use it for sitting or lounging like on a couch, she could buy an adjustable bed. I think an adjustable bed would be perfect for her. She has issues with her feet swelling. If she had an adjustable bed she could raise the bottom of the bed to put her feet up. If she wants to sit up and watch TV she can raise the top of the bed so that it is like sitting in a chair. An adjustable bed comes with a remote so it would not require her to do any lifting.

Bed Choices

South Shore Furniture Cosmos Collection Twin Mates Bed Box Only, Black Onyx and Charcoal
South Shore Furniture Cosmos Collection Twin Mates Bed Box Only, Black Onyx and Charcoal

This is a smaller sized bed so it will fit in her apartment. While she has been downsizing to get ready for the move, there is still quite a bit that she wants to bring with her. Since this model has drawers in it, that will provide her with the extra storage space that she is looking for without having to add more furniture.


Help my Grandma Decide Futon vs Bed

What Do You Think Is The Better Choice?

Day Bed Instead

If she wants a couch and bed combo then maybe she should look at getting a day bed instead. it has an actual mattress so it would be more comfortable to sleep on then a futon. Plus you could still use it as a couch for when guests are over by simply adding pillows as a back rest.

Elite Ambrose Falls 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble, Twin
Elite Ambrose Falls 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble, Twin

This one is beautiful and it is made by Leggett & Platt who also make adjustable beds.


She Decided a Bed Would Be Best

I am glad that my grandmother decided to go with a bed. She is able to sleep well at night and not wake up sore. She has a few small chairs for when a couple of people visit her apartment.

If more people come to visit her there is a common room in the building that she can use where everyone can sit and chat.

She has been there for a few months now and she is happy with the decision that she made.

Do Know Of Any Other Space Saving Products That You Would Recommend For Her New Small Apartment?

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