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Stop Pest Birds With Garden Netting for Good

Updated on March 29, 2010
Garden Netting
Garden Netting

Garden netting is important for everyone who cultivates berry bushes or fruit trees. The number one pest in most cases are birds that feed on your fruits. They either eat the berries or destroy bigger fruits, neither is a good scenario.

Fortunately drawing a net around the trees is a rather cheap solution for the problem and should not cause any problem for anyone to install. Most people try to use pesticides or a scarecrow but these are hardly effective, or are not nature friendly. Garden nettings are completely environment safe and are gentle on the birds as well.

Stronger nets are available for those who grow a commercial grade orchard of fruit trees. These square mesh knitted high density polyethylene nets are easy to install and are relatively cheap at $0.5 per square feet. A net made of this material and installed properly can take as much as 50 pounds of burst, it is heat, UV and flame resistant. Since the mesh size starts at 1/2", even the smallest mesh lets bugs, insects and other pollinating creatures pass undisturbed, but keeps birds out without trapping them accidentally.

Cheap, light weight nets are available as a temporary solution or for those who don't want to cover bigger areas of bushes. A few dozen square feet of net can be had for $15 to $20 and it is an adequate protection against birds for at least a year. These nets are made of extruded polyethylene or polypropylene and are usually arranged diagonally. It means that it doesn't have the structural strength of a square knitted net, but it's good enough against smaller birds.

The color of the net is also of importance; white, green, rock color and black nets are available for your gardening needs, all of them are good but the black is exceptional in the sense that it doesn't show dirt. All colors are available in UV resistant variety and this is what you should opt for, as UV weakens the mesh and makes it easy to break, raising the risk of bird trapping. Some pest birds are endangered and should not be bothered, trapping included.

Mesh size is important for the very same reason, too small net may cost you more than it would normally do, too big mesh traps smaller birds. Largest, 2", mesh is usually used to keep birds preying on fish in your garden pond away. You can put it on top of the pond and fishes may mind their own business without being harassed at all.

Specialist companies and experts are offering their services in most parts of the country, if you have an inquiry or need help in choosing, installing or maintaining a net, ask them and they will help you for a reasonable fee. If there is any risk involved in your particular setup it is highly advised to use their services.

Thanks for the photo to jenny downing


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