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Hand Blown Glass Vases

Updated on September 17, 2014

Vases Made from Hand Blown Glass

These gorgeous hand blown glass vases aren't just for holding flowers; they are decorative pieces of beautiful art!

You'll love the huge selection of hand blown glass vases showcased here.

These make great gifts, and they look wonderful in any room in your home.

Shown here: my latest aquisition.

Hand Blown Glass Vases: Unique One Of A Kind Gifts

If you're struggling to come up with a unique gift idea for a special occasion, then consider purchasing your loved one a hand blown glass vase. Hand blown glass vases are individually crafted by talented artisans and each vase is a unique, one of a kind piece. One bonus of purchasing a hand blown glass vase is that there is no way that they'll receive a duplicate gift from another friend or family member.

There is a hand blown glass vase to suit every individual. If your loved one is fond of floral displays, you could pick out a traditionally shaped glass vase, which they can display their fresh flowers in. However, people doesn't have to be a fan of flowers to appreciate a glass vase as there are countless varieties of glass vases which are designed purely as ornaments. There are even animal and flower shaped glass vases on offer!

Hand blown glass vases are also available in a multitude of different color combinations. In fact, some of the most popular styles of glass vases feature intricate patterns which artisans create by mixing different colors together. A great way to pick a glass vase is to keep an eye out for a vase which incorporates a few of their favorite colors.

Hand blown glass vases make excellent gifts for people who seem to own everything under the sun and may be difficult to shop for.

My Handpicked Selection Of hand Blown Glass Vases - For a unique decor

There is nothing more lovely than the peaceful end of the day, and this vase captures it beautifully. Created to display many of the colors of the rainbow, this vase has a colorful exterior and an interior which combines a variety of green hues. Perfect for decorating any room in the home, this vase will go with any decor.

If you are searching for a new vase which goes above and beyond the look and shape of many vases, then this vase is for you. Graced by lovely colors which brighten up even the cloudiest of days, this hand-blown vase is sure to get many compliments from visitors to your home. Whether it's purchased for yourself or someone else, this vase is sure to get more than a few smiles.

While many people place flowers inside their vase, the artist behind this lovely creation has put the flowers right on their vase. An amazing addition to your fall decor, this vase provides you with the much-loved hues of umber and orange to bring out the best in autumn. Put this vase out before your Thanksgiving feast and listen to the compliments.

Give your home an amazing touch with this colorful and eye-catching hand-blown vase. A generous 13.5 inches tall, this vase will make a beautiful addition to just about any room. If you are searching for a new piece for your own home or for a gift for someone else, this vase will match just about any decor.

If you enjoy the look of unusual art, then you are going to love this uniquely shaped blow-glass piece. In beautiful hues of blue and green, this piece of art is ready to grace your home and make you smile. Made with care, this piece stands at a generous 20 inches tall and is 9 inches in diameter.

My Latest Aquisition - A nice French hand blown glass vase

hand blow glass vase
hand blow glass vase

I bought this one in May 2013 while travelling in Brittany, France. While visiting the city of Paimpol we saw the glass maker shop was open and I just knew my 6 years old would be thrilled to see these artists in action. We were lucky because one of them was making cute little birds. It looked so easy... but in fact in requires years and years of practice. The guy trained and worked in Murano, Italy before opening is own glass gallery.The quality of his work is superb.

I end up getting this vase (it was right after my birthday so i got to choose what I wanted! thanks to my hubby).

If you have a change to visit Paimpol make sur to stop at Verglass

More Stunning Art Glass Vases

Luxury Lane Hand Blown Multicolor Sommerso Art Glass Teardrop Vase 11" tall
Luxury Lane Hand Blown Multicolor Sommerso Art Glass Teardrop Vase 11" tall

There are few things lovelier than the look of a teardrop just before it forms, and this rare sight is captured in this beautiful hand-blown vase. Created in multiple colors to mimic the look of sunshine coming through the water, this vase will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Joyous Carnival Series Tall Vase
Joyous Carnival Series Tall Vase

This vase is one that is definitely changing the way that people think of vases. On one side, the vase alternates red, black, and white. On the other side, it alternates black and red. Give your home a decorative accent which provides you with two looks in one with this 15 inch vase from the Joyous Carnival series and have an amazing piece for years to come.

Amazing & Unique End Of Day Rainbow Vase
Amazing & Unique End Of Day Rainbow Vase

If you are searching for a piece of art which will match virtually any decor, then this vase is for you. Created with virtually all of the colors in the rainbow, this uniquely beautiful vase is made from hand-blown glass. Ready to fit in any room in your home, this vase is sure to delight family and friends alike.

Handmade Sommerso Heavy Art Glass Hand Mouth Blown Sculpture Vase
Handmade Sommerso Heavy Art Glass Hand Mouth Blown Sculpture Vase

Searching for something different for your home, something that will make a bold statement and get guests talking? You will love this uniquely beautiful hand-blown vase. Created in a serene green, this vase is certain to get many compliments at your next dinner party. At 11 inches in height, it's a piece of art which you can put anywhere.

Bright Rainbow Cane Round Bowl/Vase
Bright Rainbow Cane Round Bowl/Vase

If you are looking for a beautifully crafted vase which will match any decor, then this is a vase for you. Made with the timeless art of hand-pulling glass cane, this gorgeous vase is created to match your taste and your style. With many different colors in it, it's sure to be a great compliment to the room in which you put it.


© 2012 Nathalie Roy


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    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

      @askformore lm: Wow I love the rainbow glass. Now all I would have to do is convince my husband to buy me flowers hmmm?

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      askformore lm 5 years ago

      Great! What a selection of beautiful glass vases. Thanks!