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Harley Davidson Clocks - Cool Timepieces For Harley Fans

Updated on August 25, 2011

Harley Clocks

A Harley Davidson clock is a great way to inject a bit of Harley spirit into any home or place of work. For free spirits doing 9-5, 10-6 or just stuck around the home doing chores when you want to be some place else, be reminded of the freedom of the open road by watching time pass on a Harley Davidson timepiece.

With lots of different designs to choose from, it's easy to get a Harley Davidson clock to fit with room décor. These clocks are real eye catchers that are bold, iconic in brand and a functional item that should adorn the wall of any Harley Davidson fan. Functionality aside, they make a great change from regular wall hangings

Harley Davidson Classic Flame Wall Clock

The classic black and orange clock that makes Harley sounds every hour on the hour. 8" in diameter, this classic Harley clock is clever too! When the lights are turned off the hourly sound deactivates until morning. Waking to the familiar purr of a Harley Davidson can't be a bad thing!

If you're looking for a classic Harley Davidson clock, this is the one to go for. It's sleek, stylish and has a sexy black finish that conjures up images of the perfect smooth bodywork paint job.

This clock makes a great gift that any Harley fan will love. At under $20, it's a great buy as you're not just getting a regular clock, you're getting one with sounds and the nighttime off feature. A great gift at a great price!

Harley Davidson Black and Chrome Clock

This sleek clock design is easy on the eye, but striking at the same time. It features 12 different real Harley engine noises, one of which goes off every hour and has the same night time light sensor technology as the classic clock above.

At 13" this clock is quite a statement piece and would be an eyecatching feature on any wall. The clock is quite low key in it's black and chrome design, but the size of it more than makes up for that.

This is a stylish clock in design but with the fun element of the hourly Harley engine noises. For under $30, it's well worth considering as a gift because for the size alone, you're getting a lot of Harley Davidson clock for your money!

Harley Davidson Aluminum Cased Clock

If you're looking for a clock with bold numbers on display this is a great choice. With the iconic bar and shield logo surrounded by the digits, this clock is bold and striking.

For design purposes, the numbers 3 and 9 have been omitted, but all other digits are clearly on display.

This clock is 10" in diameter and the brushed aluminum casing gives it a light reflecting frame that houses it decoratively.

Harley Davidson Roadhouse Collection Neon Clock

For a Harley Davidson clock with a real visual wow factor, the Extreme Pinstripe Neon from the Roadhouse Collection is right up there.

The Roadhouse logo on a red background is surrounded by an inner white neon tube and outer red neon tube. It makes for a stunning effect.

With a 14" diameter, this Harley Davidson clock is large, bold and bright and will catch anyones attention. If you're looking for a clock as a feature, this neon baby from the Roadhouse Collection is a sure thing. Any Harley lover with a games room should have this stunning piece of Harley design on their wall!

This clock would look great in a retro kitchen too.

Harley Davidson Glow In The Dark Travel Clock

For the traveling Harley lover, this is a must have! A clam shell travel clock with glow in the dark clock face and hands. The clam shell feature serves as protection for the clock face when not in use, and as a stand to support it when it is.

The clock face is 2 5/8 in diameter and the clock is 3/4" thick when closed. The skull design is on both the cover / stand as well as the clock face. It's a striking design that is cool and contemporary.

This Harley Davidson travel clock has an alarm function and comes with a protective black travel pouch. This is an ideal gift for a Harley lover who travels either for business or pleasure. Would make a great bedroom clock for the nightstand too!

Harley Davidson Floor Clock By Bulova

For the mother of all Harley Davidson clocks it has to be the Floor Clock by Bulova. Bulova are a renowned brand of clockmaker and watchmaker that was founded in New York in 1875, these timepieces have exquisite craftmanship and are made using only the finest materials.

The Harley Davidson Floor Clock by Bulova doesn't come cheap. At just over $3,400 it's a luxury item that is a definite status symbol. The clock comes in at 81" high, 24" wide, 13 3/4" deep and weighs 400 pounds.

The handcrafted cabinet has a hinged tempered glass door with beveled edges that houses the clock mechanisms. It's lockable and comes with a replica motorcycle key. On the sides there are grey smoked glass panels with beveled edges. On the front of the clock at the multi step base there is a three dimensional Harley Davidson plaque.

The clock comes in a black satin finish and the clock face is also black with raised satin silver finish roman numerals.

Aside from the Harley Davidson plaque, other Harley accents are:

  • Brushed silver bar and shield logo on the clock face
  • Live To Ride logo etched onto the large satin silver finish pendulum

The Harley Davidson Floor Clock by Bulova features an automatic night time chime stop operational between 10pm and 7am.

It may be niche, but if you're a Harley lover and  you've got the money to spend on a classic style clock, this timepiece is a beauty.


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