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Harley Davidson Lamps

Updated on August 25, 2011

Choosing A Harley Davidson Lamp

Here's a cool selection of Harley Davidson lamps in various styles. If you are looking for Harley desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or something a little different, you can find all of those kinds below.

If you are buying a Harley Davidson lamp for your home, or buying it as a gift, you can find something below to suit all budgets. Adding a lamp to a room is a great way to update existing décor in seconds, and if choosing one of the more decorative Harley lamps you can even make a feature of it. Lamps are great for providing low level lighting that can really add to the feel of a room.

Desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and others are all listed below in categories for easy selection.

Harley Davidson Desk Lamps

For a practical lighting solution, desk lamps are ideal for rooms that don't get much natural light or when working / reading at night when you don't want to have a main light on. More a functional form of lighting than a mood enhancing one, these Harley Davidson desk lamps are ideal for bedrooms or studies where focused lighting is required.

As you can see to the right, if you are choosing a Harley desk lamp you can go for the basic desk lamp style or one that's a bit more decorative and visual. A desk can be a really dull workspace, so adding a lamp such as a Harley neon design would instantly transform a desk from dull to rockin' with the flip of a switch.

A Harley Davidson desk lamp would be ideal for a small bedside table where a light is needed but there isn't much surface space. You could of course team this with Harley Davidson bedding for a bedroom full of that enticing Harley spirit!

If you want to check out what else is available from Harley Davidson for the home, click through to Harley Davidson home décor for lots of Harley items for every room in the home. There are some great gift ideas for Harley fans wanting a little of the open road at home.

Scroll down for table lamps, floor lamps and an assortment of other kinds of Harley lamps.

Harley Davidson Table Lamps

A special mention for the Harley muti function lamp because how it lights up is pretty cool. You have three options, this lamp can either be lit from the top only, from the bottom only, or from both at the same time. It's a sweet functionality that you don't see that often in a Harley table lamp.

If you want a Harley table lamp with a bit of novelty thrown in, check out the second and third lamps listed. The Harley's make engine sounds and the headlights flash! Who says you can't have fun with your lighting.

3 of the 5 arms that branch out and are fully positionable.
3 of the 5 arms that branch out and are fully positionable.

Harley Davidson Floor Lamps

Or rather Harley Davidson floor lamp! Not much to choose from in this category I'm afraid, there just isn't that many Harley floor lamps around.

Not a great product photo to let you see the design, but this lamp has a circular stand with a long stem that branches out into 5 lights. You can adjust the light arms to point in the direction you require.

This Harley floor lamp comes in a nickle finish, the overall height is 70.5" and there are 4 level switch uses. 5 25 watt B bulbs come included.

This is a great lamp that would work well in a TV room or bedroom. Being able to adjust the arms is great feature that will allow you to position the lights in a way that suits you.


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