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Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaners

Updated on August 15, 2009

Every home needs cleaning regularly, although the frequency of this really depends upon the type of house you live in, how many people live in the house and whether you have pets or not. However, there will be times when the house will need to be vacuum cleaned to get up all the dust and debris that litter every house no matter what.

Vacuum cleaners generally do a pretty good job of removing most of the dust and other debris from carpets and furnishings and from underneath furniture and beds, but their biggest drawback is that they cannot trap the smallest particles, which get blown back into the atmosphere of the room.

This very fine dust and other airborne particulates can be highly irritating to the lining of our lungs and respiratory system and this especially so of those who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis or similar. Specially designed filters have been developed that trap these fine particles and these are fitted to specially adapted cleaners called hepa filter vacuum cleaners. This page looks at these appliances and their advantages and applications.

Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaners Advantages

The main advantage of hepa filter vacuum cleaners is their ability to trap almost all of the very fine dust and debris particulates that would otherwise get thrown up into the air by regular vacuum cleaner. As the constituents of the dust found in most modern houses contains so many toxins and pollutants, its no wonder that the very fine particles can irritate the delicate lining of the lings and respiratory tract. They also become a major contributor to breathing difficulties in otherwise healthy people as well as exacerbate the problems already faced by sufferers of breathing related illnesses.

For asthma sufferers particularly, the ability to remove as much of the airborne toxins and dust particles as possible will go a long way to ease the breathing and reduce the frequency of asthma attacks and the need to use a ventilator or steroid inhaler.

Applications of the Hepa Filter Vacuum

The main application of hepa vacuum cleaners is the removal of as much of the fine dust and toxins as is possible. Most modern hepa filter vacuums are capable of removing upwards of 99% of all the minute particles that are found in the average home.

Some of the better hepa vacuum cleaner models use a bagless system, such as the popular Dyson hepa vacuum cleaners, which negates the need for the bags which have a tendency to block the cleaner's suction power soon after they begin to accumulate dirt in them. This type of bagless hepa vacuum cleaner is ideal for families with pets where a lot of pet hair would otherwise clog up a regular vacuum that relies on bags to trap the dirt.

Many hepa vacuum cleaners use regular vacuum cleaner bags to trap the dirt once it has been sucked onto the machine and these are generally cheaper to buy than the bagless type of hepa vacuum cleaner. There is of course the added expense of buying the bags, so over the life of the vacuum cleaner, bagless models can work out to be cheaper.

Whichever type of hepa filter vacuum cleaners you opt to use in yoru home, you can rest assured that they are doing a far better job of keeping the air that you breathe cleaner and less toxic than regular vacuum cleaners. The extra cost is a small price to pay for your, or your children's health.


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