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Review Home Espresso Coffee Makers Online and Save Big

Updated on October 14, 2012

Home Espresso Machines for Great Espresso Coffee

If you love a good cup of espresso coffee and are ready for a home espresso machine, you have some choices to make.

First, do you want an espresso machine, or an espresso coffee maker? Do you drink mostly just espresso, or is your favorite drink a latte' or cappuccino? Are you looking for automatic espresso makers using coffee capsules, or manual "grind & tamp" espresso machines? All will make a good cup of espresso coffee, but which one is best for you?

You even have to consider your lifestyle. How many cups will you make a day? Do you have time for careful preparation, or do you want to "pop" in a coffee capsule of your favorite flavor? And what about regular coffee? Do you want one machine that does espresso and coffee, or will you be keeping the coffee maker on your counter-top too?

And what about clean-up and maintenance? Some espresso machines need constant tender loving care and others are more independent and just need an occasional cleaning.

Italian models dominate the "tamp & grind" espresso coffee market, but the new trend for easier to use "coffee capsule" automatic espresso makers has brought some major innovations to the home espresso machine market.

Here are some great home espresso coffee machines to help you make these choices...

Starting with the DeLonghi EC155 Home Model

DeLongHi EC155 Espresso Maker for home brewed espresso coffee
DeLongHi EC155 Espresso Maker for home brewed espresso coffee

DeLongHi EC155 Espresso Maker

This espresso coffee maker is an excellent choice for a home espresso machine in the around-$100 range. It heats up quickly and is easy to use. The porta-filter is also able to use ESE pod coffee packs for a quicker cup of espresso, if you don't want to go the "grind n' Tamp" route.

The construction is solid, and it has nice metal accents that make it look a lot more expensive than it really is ... and it makes a great cup of espresso with a rich crema layer!

You will love developing your own "barista" technique with this counter-top home espresso machine.

Product Features

  • 15-bar pump-driven espresso machine with durable stainless-steel boiler
  • 2 thermostats for separately controlling water and steam pressure
  • Self-priming operation; accommodates E.S.E. pods and ground espresso
  • Adjustable swivel jet frother; removable 35-ounce water tank; "on/off" switch
  • Measures 7-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 11-1/8 inches; 1-year warranty


Saeco Italian Espresso Machines


Saeco VIA Venezia Espresso Machine espresso coffee maker
Saeco VIA Venezia Espresso Machine espresso coffee maker

Saeco VIA Venezia Espresso Machine

The Saeco VIA Venezia Espresso Machine is a good choice for the home use.This machine will give you consistently great quality espresso with very little effort. It heats up very quickly, and has a rapid-recovery feature that will allow you to pull multiple espresso shots in a row to give all your guests an after-dinner espresso without long recovery time waits.

With just a little practice you will be making delicious cappuccinos and lattes', either one at a time just for you, or one after another for your guests. This Italian made espresso machine is more than able to keep up with all your home brewing needs.

And it may seem like a small thing, but a great cup of espresso has to start with a warm cup, and the top cup warmer of this home espresso machine saves you a step in the brewing process, and makes sure you don't forget to warm the cup, because it does that for you.

Sleek and solidly built, this easy to use and easy to clean espresso maker uses Saeco's pressurized porta-filter to produce a soft and creamy cup of espresso.

Product Features

  • Double filter for pulling 2 shots at a time. Frothing wand for foaming milk.
  • Hot water for other drinks. All metal construction.
  • Pump-driven system extracts espresso shots with professional results.
  • Created for both ground espresso and espresso pod brewing.
  • Swivel steam wand rotates 360° and steams milk continuously for up to 4 minutes.

Krups Espresso Coffee Maker Combo

Krups Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker XP2070

Get the best of both worlds, brew rich coffee and espresso from one machine! The Krups XP2070 is a dual function espresso and drip coffee maker loaded with many great features. Krups might not be Italian, but it has over 100 years of quality coffee maker experience with a reputation for quality.

You are considering a combo machine because you like your morning coffee too, so you will really appreciate the programmable features of the coffee maker. Waking up to a fresh cup of great coffee brewed just the way you want it, when you want it, makes this machine a winner even before you consider the terrific espresso you can make with it too.

And speaking of espresso ... one of the nicer features of this machine is that it uses pump-action to force the water through your espresso grounds, instead of steam. This practically guarantees the consistency of every cup of espresso will be just what you expect.

Product Features

  • Dual function espresso machine has 10 cup coffee maker and 15 bar pump espresso maker
  • 10 cup glass carafe, removable filter holder, anti-drip system and optional water filtration
  • 15 bar pressure system for both ground espresso and ESE pre-portioned pods
  • Programmable machine allows - wake up coffee; size and strength of espresso; aroma selector, digital clock; steam and hot water function, hot water on demand.
  • Beautiful brushed stainless steel finish with illuminated blue LED display, drip tray and cup warmer

Step up to the Pro-level for Home Espresso Coffee Machines with Saeco

Saeco Odea Go Espresso Machine

Get the best of all worlds with this fine quality automatic Italian home espresso machine. And when it says "automatic" that's what it means. Just fill this machine with your favorite blend of espresso beans, fill the water reservoir, set some cups on the top cup warmer, and you are ready for a great cup of espresso with just the touch of a button!

It even disposes of the used grounds in a special disposal bin for emptying later so you can enjoy multiple cups in a row without losing time with your guests cleaning up.

The Automatic Saeco Odea Go Espresso Machine, Model S-OGO-SG will put you in the big leagues of espresso coffee makers. Get the real "coffeehouse" taste and experience with the Saeco Brewing System (SBS) technology, Pannarello steam wand attachment, and the rich crema from freshly ground coffee beans.

Product Features

One-Touch Technology: Tamp, brew, and dispense coffee in one cycle.

Giro Interface - Rapid Steam® - Pannarello Wand - Ceramic Disc Grinder

Saeco Aroma System: A special programmed step injects a small amount of hot water into the freshly ground coffee to start a pre-brewing process.

Adjustable Brew Settings - Touch Lift Technology - Cup Warming Surface - Internal Dregdrawer - Removable Drip Tray - Sliding Wheel Base

Other Home Espresso Machines to Consider

Nespresso automatic home espresso machine
Nespresso automatic home espresso machine
Flavored Coffee Capsules for the Nespresso automatic home espresso machine
Flavored Coffee Capsules for the Nespresso automatic home espresso machine

Nespresso Automatic Espresso Machines for Espresso Coffee Capsules

The ultimate in ease for home espresso coffee makers is the market innovation of coffee capsules used to make espresso coffee and espresso drinks like latte' and Cappuccinos. Pioneered by Nestlé Nespresso, a Swiss company started almost 40 years ago, headquartered in Paudex, Switzerland, these new espresso machines have elevated home espresso makers to a new level of ease.

For more information on fresh brewed "capsule" espresso coffee see these Nespresso Automatic Espresso machines for your home use.

What makes a good cup of espresso coffee?
What makes a good cup of espresso coffee?

What Do you Need for a Good Cup of Espresso Coffee?

Besides the obvious requirement of great taste, a good cup of espresso should also have a pleasing aroma that evokes images of a sidewalk table at an Italian cafe', and a thick rich layer of crema on top. To get this you need:

A quality coffee bean, ground just right, for your personal taste.

  • Like all things in life, if you start with a crummy ingredient, you are probably going to get a crummy taste. A good quality coffee bean is essential to creating a great cup of espresso. There is no "espresso coffee bean" - espresso can be made from any coffee bean, it's just a matter of finding the right combination of bean-type and roasting level - light, medium, or dark, that suits your personal tastes. But there is one coffee fact that is universally agreed upon, to get the best flavor you need to freshly grind your coffee at the time you're making your espresso.
  • Because true espresso is made by using pressure to force the hot water through the coffee grounds to extract the flavor, (true espresso machines use pump pressure, not steam pressure), the grind of your coffee - fine to course, will determine the strength and taste of your cup of espresso. Since taste is obviously a personal choice, you can experiment with the grind to find the texture that is right for you. Ceramic grinders are recommended because they won't impart any "mechanical" flavor to you ground coffee.

You need pump pressure instead of steam pressure.

  • You don't want to start with the "cheapest" espresso maker on the market, but you also don't need to mortgage the house to buy the best espresso machine either. You can find decent models for around a $100, and a good barista can get good results from any machine, but the low-end for most good pump-pressure espresso machines is in the $150 - $250 range.
  • Most espresso coffee makers will have the basic features you need: pump-driven pressure, a reliable, solid, porti-filter coupling, and a removable drip tray. The porti-filler is where you put and tamp the coffee grounds, and the coupling is the point where the it connects to the espresso machine, this is important because of the high pressure used to force the water through the coffee. The removable drip tray is for ease of cleaning.
  • Any other features are a bonus, and are directly tied to the thickness of your wallet. Bells and whistles are hardly ever free.

Experience and Technique of the Barista, (that's you).

  • Any novice can plop in the grounds, give them a tamp, and out comes an espresso coffee, of some sorts. There are variables involved in getting that perfect cup of espresso: the amount of coffee used, the grind of the coffee and the pressure of the tamp in the porti-filter are the basics. You just need to experiment to find the right combination for you. If the grind of the coffee is wrong and the tamp too light, the hot water won't extract the full espresso flavor as it passes through the porti-filter. If the grind is too fine and the tamp too firm, then it's harder for the water to get through and your flavor will be harsh. So experiment.

Espresso Coffee Machine Accessories

The most basic must-have accessory for your new home espresso coffee maker is a proper espresso cup. It's just not right to ruin a good cup of espresso by putting it in a mug or other regular coffee cup. So get one! Here are some other espresso coffee accessories you may be interested in.

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More Shopping Choices for Home Espresso Coffee Maker Machines:

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      Combo Machine 

      8 years ago

      hi there, thank for sharing the information with us. You have provide great information here. It's really usefully for people who want to buy coffee espresso combo machine online

    • profile image

      Combo Machine 

      8 years ago

      hi there, thank for sharing the information with us. You have provide great information here. It's really usefully for people who want to buy coffee espresso combo machine online.

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      How to Make Coffee 

      9 years ago

      Great Hub. I was planning to buy a coffee maker this post is really informative and has given me the required information to make choice.


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