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Return To Yesteryear

Updated on March 4, 2011

Return To The Days Of Yesteryear

Remember the Lone Ranger on radio? The program intro included "return with us now to the days of yesteryear." I got thinking about that while lying awake the other night, and the memories of early youth came streaming back. It was so easy and good being young during those halcyon years, nothing, I imagine, like being young today.

Much as most of us long to be young again as we enter into "advancing wisdom," just how young can be a bit of a dilemma. Yet, I believe I'd opt to be extremely selective about the time frame I'd choose. The years between 9 and 12 just might get my vote. They embraced so many of the beginnings of growing up, while still retaining lots of the innocence of childhood, plus some semblance of self-reliance. Enjoyment of The Lone Ranger, Jack Armstrong and Captain Midnight, and joining the Cub Scouts marked a period that also reached into the start of discovery of... girls, those sissified creatures that we earlier disdained with a vengeance.

Suddenly, and inexplictably, girls became interesting, at least enough to warrent further exploration. I really don't remember my first kiss, though it undoubtedly began a pathway toward more memorable experiences later on. Yes, between 9 and 12 would be a hard to beat time frame.

But, as I lay awake, my thoughts shifted forward to the ages between 18 and 25. Replete with puzzling over career interests and future job possibilities, were issues eventually put on hold during service in the United States Marine Corps. Much was learned as a Marine. Supply School then Journalism School, all on Uncle Sam's time and dime, taught valuable lessons, retained and later incorporated into a rewarding career path.

Those seven years encompassed several workplace promotions, a first presidential election vote and a change of several girlfriends. All in all, still a pretty good time segment worthy of serious consideration to return to.

Then, forsaking all thoughts of regaining sleep, my mind fast-forwarded to other years brim full of really exciting, razzle dazzle times. A change not only of employers, but of industries led to opportunities otherwise unlikely in previous years. Wonderful hunting and shooting escapades combined with celebrity hobnobbing kept middle and later life virtually ideal until retirement. So, although an extended time frame, perhaps it was after all, the best of times.

Of course, since there is no going back and recapturing yesteryear, daydreaming of it becomes strictly academic, a bittersweet exercise exclusive to all us grayheads. So, let the Lone Ranger and Tonto return to yesteryear while we work at our computers and think of better days ahead.


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    • Bruce A. Beaudet profile image

      Bruce A. Beaudet 

      7 years ago from Canada


      This is a very well written piece.

      P.S. I'm sure you dyed your hair gray.


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