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Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet

Updated on August 27, 2013

If you are looking to buy new kitchen faucets, then you should be aware that there are certain things that you should pay attention before you make the final decision. It is very important that you find the sink faucets that could compliment with the overall design of your kitchen and, which is so often the heart of the entire home. This includes the style, the finish, the brand and of course, the cost.

There are quite a lot of different kitchen faucets brands available in the market today, which this includes, Grohe, Delta Faucets, American Standard, Moen, Danze, Kohler, Premier Wellington, and etc.

With such a great variety, it could be quite overwhelming and confusing when deciding which brand to go for.

On top of that, there are also tons of different designs and styles such as the single handle, double handle, pull out and pull down to name a few. Now when it comes to the finish, there are even more choices and these include bronze, chrome, nickel, gold, stainless and even Victorian style.

Some models even come with matching side spray and soap and lotion dispenser. Here we should look whether brands and price really matter and which kitchen faucets styles and types the work best for you.

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Varieties of Kitchen Faucets
Varieties of Kitchen Faucets
Varieties of Kitchen Faucets

The prices of kitchen faucets normally ranges from as low as $50 to as high as $650. For some high end models, they can fetch as high as up to over $2000, which is quite expensive for most people.

A survey conducted by Consumer Reports shown that the brands and prices have little or minimal impact on the overall performance of the faucet itself. In other words, getting a premium model and luxurious brand does not mean that it will work better. There are other more important aspects that you should consider when evaluating the functionality and durability of the faucets.

If you are looking for the kitchen faucet that scratch the least, then you should consider the brushed finished; it is the best that resists scratches. On the other hand, the chrome finishes top the list of least corroding when tried on several common household cleaners.

Another common but always overlooked factor is the "swing" feature which will determine whether the faucets would get in the way when a big pot is placed on the sink. The swing refers to the ability of the spout to swivel and which, most have a radius of 360 degree.

Looking at the styles, the possibilities are quite endless. There are Classic, Victorian, Contemporary and Modern faucets to choose form. All you need is to pick the one that could address the style of your kitchen perfectly.

Besides, you can get a wall mounted faucet (should the pipe was already mounted) or a faucet with a single or double handle. Your choices really depend on your preferences, tastes, budget and also the design and style of your kitchen. There are quite a lot of things that have to consider when it comes to making any of these choices.

Most importantly, the best kitchen faucets for you will be those that suit your needs and not about those fancy styles, which add no usability value. You should go with the ones that match the decor in your kitchen and also the ones that can last long. It makes no sense to buy something that can only last for few months where it will incur you extra cost and time for the replacement. It just not necessary.

Extra Tips on Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucets

LightInTheBox LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle
LightInTheBox LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle | Source

Here are some extra tips:

  • If you have young children at home, a single handle faucet may not be the best choice, because it is not convenient to relegate temperatures with it. Choose the double handle kitchen faucets instead, which include a handle for the hot water side and cold water side. With this particular style, you can be rest assured of the safety of your kids.
  • There are some faucets that come with matching side spray and soap dispenser, so get these models if you want your kitchen looks great. No need to shop for standalone spray and soap dispenser.
  • If you aren't looking to install more than one kitchen faucet in your kitchen, go for the pre-rinse types. These kitchen faucets work best regardless if you are washing plates or cleaning raw foods. Besides, they are best for high output kitchen.

Beyond the design and finish, most kitchen faucets that carried by leading brands in the market will generally perform well regardless of the finish, price and design. Some brands even provide warranty, such as free replacement and repair. The only thing that you need to do is to find something that will fulfill your needs. If you don't mind paying more for quality, go for it as it will generally last for a decent amount of time.

LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down LED Kitchen Faucet (No Battery Needed)
LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down LED Kitchen Faucet (No Battery Needed) | Source

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