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Mitre Saw Reviews / Chop Saw Reviews - What's The Difference Between The Two?

Updated on November 28, 2014
Photo credit: earl53 from
Photo credit: earl53 from | Source

Mitre Saw Reviews - Chop Saw vs. Miter saw

In this year's mitre saw reviews we will look at some of the most popular models available today and answer a common question about what to call this particular tool. Chop Saw vs. Miter Saw. What's the difference? Many people use both of these terms to refer to the miter saw. When in actuality, they are two different tools used for cutting different materials. The Miter is normally used to cut wood such as trim, crown molding, or anything that needs to be cut at an angle. Chop saws are normally used for cutting metal and uses a different kind of cutting wheel than the miter.

Both tools work exceptionally well for their intended purposes and should never be used for cutting anything that they are not rated to cut. This can lead to accidental injuries and damage to the tool. I thoroughly enjoy using both of these tools in my workshop when I am working on my hobbies or home projects. Not only are they great for home workshops, they are a real time saver while on the job. I have used several different brands while doing finish carpentry and have found only a few brands that really hold up well to all of the abuse that comes with a construction environment.

Featured below are my top picks for the professional and the novice. These tools make any project less complicated, professional looking, and allow for fewer mistakes. Fewer mistakes means less material waste and more money in your pocket. When I first started in the field there were a few jobs that I made so many mistakes that I actually never made a dime from it. That was one of my first lessens in running a business. Now that I am more seasoned, I always advise anyone getting into the field to get the best tools and learn to use them well. They will actually save you money over time and even pay for themselves. If you are ready to get started on your next project and need one of these tools then any of the ones listed below will more than suffice.

Best Miter Saws Reviews

What Is The Best Compound Miter Saw For The Money?

When it comes to making fine cuts or finish carpentry, there is no better tool in the carpenters' arsenal than the best mitre saws. These machines make creating the most precise cuts as simple as snapping your fingers.

I have done my fair share of finish work over the years and can tell you that if you are thinking of getting in the business then this tool will make your life better and your client's happy. When I first started, I was given a few hand tools, a tape measure, and a pencil. I was expected to create what seemed like works of art to my boss with nothing more than those crude hand tools. Thinking back, I am glad he taught me that way but, now that I am older, I prefer tools that help me finish the job with time to spare.

Below you will find the models that I have found to be of the best build, most accurate line up, and most dependable. I have used all of these brands for many years with great success. The only reason I have ever replaced one of these tools is due to my own errors, running over it with the truck, falling off the bed of the truck while driving, and having them stolen. Any of the models shown will do a wonderful job and will more than meet your expectations.

Sliding Miter Saw Reviews

Where To Find The Best sliding Compound Miter Saws.

Sliding miter saws are probably the best all around tool for making cuts with larger pieces of wood. The blade pulls out toward the operator and is then lowered to make the cut while retracting back to its original starting position. It's hard to explain if you have never seen one in action. Be sure to watch the video to get a better idea of how it works.

This tool makes it easier to cut larger baseboards or crown molding. Also, due to the sliding function, you are able to use a smaller diameter blade for making cuts. In my opinion, this saves money on blade replacement and a smaller blade seems to give a smoother edge.

They are also very easy to transport. They have some weight to them but not so much that you would break your back trying to maneuver them. They only thing that might make them difficult to carry is that they can be a little awkward in their shape. Overall, I can't say enough great things about this tool and highly recommend any of the models shown here.

Photo credit: krosseel from
Photo credit: krosseel from | Source

Cheap Miter Saws

What Are the Most Reliable And Inexpensive Miter Saws?

There is rarely a time when I would ever suggest to anyone to get a cheap tool. This is one of those rare occasions that I can suggest an inexpensive tool for those who are needing one just for small jobs or for occasional use. If you want a really good tool that will last a long time then you normally have to pay more than you would like.

But, for occasional use, there are a few tools out there that aren't bad and do a pretty good job. I actually have a fairly inexpensive model that I use for building my RC planes. I use it because the motor isn't as powerful and I found the more powerful units vibrated too much when cutting balsa wood causing me to slip and miss my mark.

Here are a few less powerful models that I have found to work well with softer woods and smaller pieces of wood. Sometimes they can bog down if you are trying to cut a thick piece of stock but, other than that, they work fine. If you are going to be using these tools on a day to day basis then I would suggest a more powerful model.

Best Miter Saw Stands

What Are The Best Makita, Dewalt, and Porter Cable Miter Saw Stands?

For the longest time I used my tools while they were sitting on the ground. As I got older I realized that all of that bending over and kneeling down was starting to cause pain in my back and knees. When I finally got wise to what was causing the pain I decided to invest in a good stand for my tools. Once I did the pain started to slowly go away.

I recommend to anyone who uses these power tools on a regular basis to go ahead and get a stand. They really do a great job of supporting the tool and saving your back at the same time. Not only are they great for your back, I have found that I am able to use the tool with more precision and save some time in the process.

If you can, try to go ahead and get the stand that is made for your tool. If you can't find the exact model for your tool then there are several universal stands that will work with just about any model you have. Sometimes, the universal models are less expensive than the name brand models. So, if you are interested in saving money then you can go that route too. Here are some of the most popular stands from my favorite brands.

Photo credit: DuBoix from
Photo credit: DuBoix from | Source

Chop Saw Reviews

What Is The Best Chop Saw For The Money?

As I mentioned above, chop saws are mainly used for cutting metal. This tool is a preffered method for cutting metal stock due to the very straight edges you get. Normally, these machines use metal cutting discs as opposed to blades with teeth. They basically grind their way through the metal like you would use a nail file on your nails.

I have used a few different brands that are made for use in home workshops and have found them to be just as good as the commercial models. I have made several RC airplanes using this tool and couldn't be happier with it's performance. I was cutting small, lightweight aluminum stock for the framing and the straight edges it produced was very beneficial in the building process.

I'm sure these tools will more than suffice for whatever job you might be considering. Pictured below are my top picks in the metal cutting department. Be sure to look at the reviews of these models as they are some of the best tools around.

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I'd Love To Hear From You - What is your favorite miter saw brand?

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