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Is a halogen oven my best choice?

Updated on January 3, 2011
Halogen oven
Halogen oven

When it comes to choosing the perfect oven for your kitchen space, there are many factors to consider. For some people the factors are less of an obstacle than they can be for others, but we'll be focusing on all types of cooking appliances for our purposes.

Whether you're looking to run a small catering outfit out of your home, or you simply like to toast the occasional bagel, rest assured that there is the perfect oven in the world that will fit your needs.

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One of the most indispensable appliances in my kitchen is undoubtedly the halogen oven. It takes up very little space on my counter-top or my pantry, and it cooks the food in almost half the time required to cook the same items in a conventional oven.

The gadget works with many of the same principles as a standard electric or gas oven, with some notable differences; Halogen ovens use halogen bulbs to give off very intense heat. The heat is circulated evenly throughout the cooker by convection, or by having a fan push the heat around the food. Conventional ovens simply use coil heating that pushes heat upwards or downwards toward the food, depending upon which setting is being used.

One of the truly great benefits of halogen ovens is the ability to heat frozen foods evenly and completely without drying them out. Simply remove the frozen food item from the freezer, place it in the oven, set the timer and walk away. Every now and then you can check the progress by simply looking at the food through the glass container that the food sits in while it's cooking. No more opening the oven, pulling out the rack and lifting the food to see how it's doing.

For some people, a mini toaster oven placed on the counter is all they need to perform many of the cooking functions in their kitchen. If you're looking to simply toast some bagels, or heat up frozen pizzas, then you may not need anything larger than this device.

Conventional ovens are a staple of most kitchens, and have been for eons. The trouble with these ovens is that they use an inordinate amount of energy to run and maintain. For many years microwave ovens seemed to be the only viable option for those looking to do some cooking without driving the energy bill through the roof.

An infrared convection oven utilizes the principles of conduction to push the heat directly at the food, with convection to evenly distribute the heat throughout the process. All kinds of food can be cooked this way, from roasts, to veggies to birthday cakes.

Halogen ovens can use up to half the energy of full-sized cookers, and are a cinch to set up, use, and to clean. They take up almost no space compared to other options, and they are so user-friendly that they are quickly becoming mainstays in American kitchens.

Halogen oven recipes can be found at any reputable bookstore, or even online at places like or eBay. Halogen oven cookbooks come in all shapes and sizes, designed for experienced cooks or aspiring beginners.

Obviously, you wouldn't be able to perform large cooking jobs with a single halogen oven, but they certainly do have their place in the modern kitchen. they certainly offer a great alternative to firing up the gas or electric oven every time you want to roast a chicken or a 4-bone prime rib roast, which would both cook quicker with the halogen method.

One very popular device is the halogen oven by Morningware, which comes complete with recipe guide and soem impressive characteristics:

  • Cooks up to 50% faster than conventional ovens
  • Saves up to 75% more energy than conventional ovens
  • Cooks the inside of your food without burning the outside
  • Seals in juices that enhance the food's natural flavor
  • Smokeless, odorless and won't heat up the kitchen
  • Accommodates about 8 lbs of meat
  • Extender Ring allows cooking of up to 16lb turkey
  • Worldwide patented technology that uses infrared power head with interior light and conduction, convection & infrared rays

Whether or not you decide to purchase a halogen convection oven, it's nice to know that there are now options for those who enjoy to cook, but don't necessarily deal with the bulky energy waster that their grandparents were forced to deal with. And they would be ideal for smaller living spaces, like dorm rooms and studio/efficiency apartments...

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