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Nautical Rugs - Nautical Area Rugs For The Home

Updated on August 30, 2011

Buying A Nautical Rug

Nautical rugs at great prices to suit all budgets, you'll find a great selection here. The nautical style is a look that can take an either traditional or contemporary theme. It's a playful, fun loving style that can be adopted for any room in the home.

Nautical rugs are available in a wide choice of styles and designs so it's best to have an ideal of at least what shape and size you are looking for. Rugs are a great way to update decor with minimum effort. They provide a fresh look to any room that may be looking a bit tired and in need of a refresh.

Here's a great selection of nautical rugs to choose from, such a lovely look that compliments any room.

Nautical Rugs $100 Plus

You don't have to limit nautical home decor to a beach house or lake cabin, you can adapt this look for any home, anywhere.

If you are a fan of the ocean, seashore and / or boats, the nautical look is a great way to incorporate this into daily home living. It's a very fresh, crisp style that works great in minimalist homes for more traditionally decorated ones. It's a very adaptable look that can be quite subtle or completely ornate.

Nautical rugs come in various designs, from quite bold nautical images to more subtle sea shells and shellfish designs. If you want a traditional nautical themed rug, the ones with hints of red, white and blue are typical of this style.

Using nautical decor is great because it can be adapted to suit all tastes. You can be bright bold and adventurous with your style or subtle with more a muted color scheme.

Most of the designs to the right come in different sizes, obviously, the larger the nautical area rug, the higher the prices get. This selection between $100 - $300 is a great representation of what you can get for your money design wise.

If you are on a tight budget, you can still get the design you want, but you may have to compromise on the size. A large rug that is too big for a room can't be made to fit, but a smaller rug that isn't quite the size you would have liked can easily be used in a way that fits the room perfectly. Simply team it with an item of furniture rather than having it in the middle of the room.

A smaller rug in front of a dresser or under a coffee or ocassional table would work just great.

Nautical Rugs High End

These are the larger sized, more subtle nautical rugs for an understated nautical decor. With no signs of the typical red, white and blue usually associated with this look, these nautical area rugs are designed with a beach color palette which makes them very natural and perfect for a room with an earthy color scheme.

Should this be the kind of design you are looking for, all these designs come in a large range of color choices and sizes, simply click on the rug design you want and see all the options.

These nautical area rugs would look stunning against a polished woodern floor, no matter what the wood, from dark to light, these rugs would compliment it perfectly.


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