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Patterned Table Placemats

Updated on June 13, 2013

Patterned Floral, Geometric Prints, Plaid Prints Table Placemats

Are you looking for ways to brighten up the style of your dining table settings?

These terrific modern patterned table placemat designs will surely gives you comfort in your everyday dining experience. It all comes in different shapes and fresh new styles to choose from. The mats are carefully stitched together to protect your dining and kitchen furniture from any bruises and marks as well as it add up color and vibrant to your home.

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Blue & Red Floral

Placemat & Napkin,

Set for 4

Jardin Placemat

Filled on Clear Base Color

Modern-Twist Floral Placemats

Floral Tapestry Placemat

Floral-Shaped Runner / Placemats

Pimpernel Floral Offering Placemats

Floral Placemat in Teal on Clear Base

Modern-twist Floral

Silicone Placemat, Black

Summer Rose Placemat, set of 6

Plaids Table Placemats

I'd always been love everything in plaids at home decor, clothing and even in my dress. I'm actually planning to create a wishlist for the intention of purchasing things in checkered design as I'm trying to re-organize my home accessories in the near future. The following are great examples of plaid style table placemats available online I randomly handpicked which you can purchase through this page.

Jolly Plaid Red, Set of 4

Green Placemats, Set 4

Tradewinds Collection

Kaf Home Plaid Placemat Blue/Yellow

April Cornell Ribbed Placemat, Midnight Plaid Navy (4)

Seasonal Poinsettia-Plaid Place Mat, Set of 4

Modern Placemats in Geometric Designs

Cozy modern Geometric styles for your home

These modern Geometric design table placemats are also available through Amazon which is the most convenient online store to purchase from. What I like the most with it is that you can choose a lot of amazing colorful designs and styles according to your own taste and home preferences. Below are great examples of table placemats available today. These are some of the choices I randomly handpicked which you can purchase through this page.

Geometric Shapes Placemats,

Set of 4

Spoka Placemat & Napkin

Napkin, Black

Black Geometric Print Charger-Center Round Placemat

NOVICA Placemat & Napkins,

'Geometric Fantasy'

Black Geometric Print Rectangle Placemat

Tangier Table Linen Collection

Placemat, Black

What to Consider When Buying Table Placemats Online

Simple Tips in Picking the Right Placemat

Choosing the right and modern placemat is definitely a big challenge and a bit confusing. Though the truth is that you don't need to have that technical knowledge in interior design and home decorations but it helps to know that it's still the best to stick to quality over quantity. Consider this basic tips I manage to gather as it comes through the mouth's of the experts.

• It is still practical to choose placemats according to your dining room's style and preferences as it serves a lot of many essential uses and comfort to your everyday dining experience.

• Placemats come in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes and while they complete a fully dressed table, they can be used alone. While an eclectic mix and match of different colors, materials, and textures can be fun, keep in mind that a formal feel can best be accomplished by having coordinating linens and accessories.

• Also know your family's preference and comfort zones like when you have kids at home, plastic placemats are ideal especially when you are organizing an outdoor events or special gatherings.

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How to Make a Homemade Placemat Pattern

Table placemats are undeniably can be very expensive because of its colorful intricate design. Here's a simple way to create homemade placemat patterns or make some makeover over used cloth that is available in your closet.

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Placemats are especially designed cloth that serves as to protect dinner plate and utensils from heat, spills and moisture that can damage your home furniture. It can also be used as trivets for hot dishes placed in the center of your table. If you are using a floral centerpiece, they can be placed beneath the centerpiece for a decorative look as well as for protecting your table. Use placemats anywhere you do not want to get a stain or spill.

Product Features:

• It is either made of cloth, plastic, wooden or vinyl according to your home style preferences and table setting design.

• Easily washable of dirt and stains and put back into dry storage.

• Mats can be plain or patterned, woven or made of rush, as long as they're heatproof.

Patterned Table Placemats

Patterned Table Placemats is lens #210 of the author.

In the future, I'm planning to do some home makeover when it comes to the proper art of table setting that makes me so fascinating to learn these neat ideas that people also concern of. Do you have other table placemat or home decoration ideas that you can share to us? Just write it down in here, it is highly appreciated!

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