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The Plastic Pond and How to Get Around to It

Updated on March 24, 2010

A garden can be a great and satisfying hobby, but taking care of all the plants and trees may be a little time consuming. There are several ways to beautify a garden, but a pond is a really easy and quick way of doing so.

Gardens require some time and dedication but with a few tricks it can be made living and vibrant. A plastic pond is one of these tricks and it doesn't take much time to make one.

There two kinds of pond liners, rigid or pre-formed, and flexible materials. Both have their ups and downs, but the easiest solution for the average gardener is the pre-formed version.

A pond. Not plastic, but hey...
A pond. Not plastic, but hey...

Pre-formed pond liners are easy to work with as they're already shaped. The gardener needs to dig a hole, place the liner in and fill around it. There are plastic and glassfiber solutions, latter being the stronger and more rigid. There are many different makes but always look out for UV and or frost resistant products as not all in-ground pond liners are resistant to those.

UV resistance as an attribute is really important for outdoor ponds. UV light may otherwise weaken the material and lead to cracks otherwise. Frost may also have the same effect if not taken into consideration.

The con side of pre-formed pond liners is that they only come in so many shapes, most often rectangular or circular. If you want something more natural looking you will have to use flexible liner.

Flexible liners come in either rubber or PVC, but polypropylene is also known amongst those who install these ponds. Rubber is a bit more expensive than PVC, but since PVC is also puncture and crack resistant, it makes sense to use it. Flexible liners cannot be used for above ground installations as they don't hold the pressure of water on their own, even pre-formed liners need support for that kind of application.

A plastic pond may be a great way to do up your garden. If you want to have fishes in it you're going to have some equipment to keep the water clean and inhabitable by living creatures. These equipment are filters, pumps and different chemicals. Use liner material that stands the chemical you're about to use, otherwise you're going to have to build your pond again after the material cracks.

Photo used is taken by rick


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