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Tropical Lamps - Tropical Lighting For The Home

Updated on August 30, 2011

Tropical Table Lamps - Tropical Floor Lamps

The tropical theme is a whimsical one that brightens up the home. It's fun, light hearted and adds a playful element to any home decor, below is a fun selection of tropical lamps to add to your home funrishings!

Tropical lamps are a great way of adding this theme to your home, they're both practical and fun pieces that provide a little piece of tropical island bliss, even if just in the mind. Tropical themed decor is a happy one, it's vibrant and full of escapism from everyday stresses and strains that we all have from time to time.

Scroll down for a selection of tropical table lamps and floor lamps, there's something to suit every budget.

Tropical Table Lamps

Tropical table lamps come in varying designs that will suit different tastes.

To the right you will see a Tiffany style leaf design, lamps with animal accents, nature accents, things you would expect to find in tropical table lamp designs.

Prices vary, so there is something for every budget. At the lower price range you could go for a three monkey see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil design, a vibrant red parrott design or a hand painted metallic tropical fish lamp. All equally as tropical as the more expensive lamps.

At the higher end of the price scale you have the Tifanny style lamp with tropical leaves making up the shade. The leaves are made from colored glass as typical of the Tiffany style. If that design isn't for you there's a beautiful green and yellow tropical parrot lamp, a nature inspired lamp with palm leaves design and a contemporary starfish table lamp that's really striking and bold.

These lamps are great examples of the kinds of tropical designs that are available and what prices you can expect to pay.

See below for more tropical lamp ideas.

Tropical Floor Lamps

For a real tropical statement piece, a floor lamp in this design is really striking.

There are less options when it comes to floor lamps in this design but I've selected the best from Amazon on the right in the three price ranges: low, mid, high.

On the lower price scale is the pinapple lamp, quite minimalist for a tropic design but standing 64" in height, it's still a statement piece.

Mid priced is the double armed lamp with pinapple accents and a vividly colored parrott perching between the arms. This lamp has a beautiful bamboo shade that completes the tropical theme perfectly.

In the high price range you have the monkey floor lamp. More detailed than the other two, this playful lamp has a palm tree style base with moneys climbing up it. Palm leaves are just beneth the shade.

These are fun designs that would look great in any home!


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