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Tropical Area Rugs - A Simple Way To Add Tropical Decor

Updated on August 30, 2011

Tropical Rugs

If you are looking for a tropical area rug to brighten up your floorspace, here's a great range to choose from. The tropical style is warm, inviting and playful decor that is bright and uplifting, cheerful and serene.

It's a fun way to inject some color and character into any room. You don't have to live in a beach front property to enjoy the tropical look, it doesn't matter where you reside, if you want to bring the tropics into your home, go for it. It's a bold but tranquil style that banishes bad weather, no matter what the elements are up to outside!

Here's a great selection of tropical area rugs to choose from, there's something for every home wanting a tropical twist!

Fun Tropical Rugs.

Here's some great fun tropical rugs to choose from. If you are looking for something a little less in your face and slighly more understated, scroll down, the more refined tropical area rugs are there!

To me, tropical means bright, vibrant colors, to others it may conjure up images of flora, beautiful delicate flowers in more muted, softer shades. That's the great thing about going tropical with your interior, you can interpret it exactly as defined by your personal taste.

These rugs aren't intended to be the height of interior design, they're just fun pieces to brighten up the home in a playful manner. They're pretty affordable too.

Rugs are a great way to update existing decor, you simply unroll, put in the desired area and voila! An instant room update in a matter of seconds. If you happen to have wooden or laminated floors, they are also great for adding a bit of warmth and comfort. The different textures work great together.

Adding a tropical element to any room will brighten things up, these lighthearted rugs are the perfect antidote to the Winter blues, Summer sulks or Fall frets (I'm a Spring girl myself!). They are simply cheerful, fun and perfect for rolling around on with the giggles!

Now for some more 'mature' tropical area rug designs!

Tropical Area Rugs - Florals

For something a little more refined, here are some beautiful contemporary tropical rugs with floral prints.

These rugs come in varying sizes and shapes, the options of which can be seen on the actual product pages. Prices differ accordingly.

For a more of a low key tropical look these rugs are gorgeous and would take pride of place in any lounge or bedroom.

Not all tropical style has to be on the eccentric side, as mentioned before, it's easy to go with tropical design in keeping with your current style, it's a very adaptable look that can be equally stylish as it can be fun and playful.

No matter which way you choose to use the tropical look, it's a great way to update tired rooms without having to spend much time or money in doing so. Everyone should have a bit of the tropics at home, a tropical area rug is the ideal place to start!


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