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Upholstered Rocking Chair

Updated on October 6, 2009

Rocking chairs began to appear in the late 1700's when some ingenious thought of adding the rockers or skates to the bottom of adult furniture just as in child's rocking cradle or rocking horse. Initially, it was meant majorly for the Grandpa's who use to recollect his fond memories of life relaxing on the comfortable rocking chair or for Grandma's who use to weave the sweaters for her grandchildren besides the besides the fire place. Ha... recollecting those old great stories.

But the trend has caught on. From small children to young and middle aged service employees, from businessmen to retired personnels, every person has become fond of such rocking chairs and either own one rocking chair for themselves or plan to buy one. Though different people have different reasons for buying such a rocking chair. Children loves to have it just for having fun with great fondness for plastic rocking chair or nursery glider rocker. Seniors love them just for the sake of pure comfort that they offer and loves upholstered rocking chair. Middle aged people like to have their newspaper and morning tea with a few quite moments with their very own stylish or classic upholstered rocking chair. Still others want to have them just for show off and to add to their status quo.

Such is the usage diversity and fondness amongst the people about these rocking chairs. This observation led to creation of rocking chairs from different materials, different variety, different styles etc. Now days rocking chairs are available as upholstered rocking chairs, glider rocking chair, upholstered cushioned rocking chair, plastic rocking chair, timber rocking chair and then various types of upholstery leading to a more such combinations of upholstered rocking chair. Now let's concentrate on the upholstered rocking chairs as they are the market leaders in terms of style, price and comfort values and most of the rocking chairs are upholstered these days in some way or the other. This increases the comfort level and allows rocking chairs to be made in various styles, shapes, colors and from varying types of materials.

Now as there are so much variety and options available in upholstered rocking chairs, how to choose the best one according to your needs and necessities???

Well, there are many things that have to be kept in mind when going for a purchase of a rocking chair. Let's list them down one by one:


This is the primary thing rocking chairs are meant for. So it is very important that your rocking chair is comfortable. By comfort, we mean not only seating comfort, but other things as well such as good elbow support, proper armrests positioning and balance, firmness and flexibility of the seat back. Also these days, many upholstered rocking chairs come with a matching footstool also equipped with a rocking mechanism. So is it comfortable to rock on the chair with your feet on the footrest. Upholstered rocking chairs are usually the leader as far as comfort is concerned. Still it is necessary to check the design elements of the upholstered rocking chair.


Another very important criteria is the usage. Why are you buying an upholstered rocking chair? And where are you going to keep your rocking chair. If indoors by the fireplace or the family room, you can choose a upholstered cushioned or timber rocking chair made of light maple or yellowish oak. Or if outdoors in your garden or front porch, you can choose a sweetly-scented cedar, a painted brazilian cherry wood or teakwood durable enough to withstand the elements.


The upholstered rocking chair should be well built. Does the rocking chair provide a smooth and even rocking motion without tipping, even when you are in the reclining position? If the sample chair in a store has become rickety or squeaky from many uses, it might also do the same thing in your home after lots of late-night rocking. Check any spindles, glued joints or potential weak spots to see if they withstand basic shaking, rocking, leaning, etc.


What style of rocking chair will fit your decor? Whether you really want an upholstered rocking chair or do you want to see the timber’s natural woodgrain enlivened by an oil finish? Do you want charming white wicker chair or casual rattan? What color do you want for your rocking chair. Upholstered rocking chair offers a vast level of varieties in this regard.


In addition to checking for noisiness during rocking, find out if the chair squeaks or groans when you're sitting or getting up. Such squeaks, groans or noise is very irritating during your comfort hours with your upholstered rocking chair.


Check for the proper cushioning and proper spring systems being in place. Also check for the frames that hinges and glides should be covered for safety.There should be no opportunities for cuts and pinches. Upholstered rocking chair should be well designed and proper upholstery should be done.

Upholstered Rocking Chair has gained popularity amongst all sections of society and amongst all age groups and everyone these days desire to have one. So with all the tips now in hand, when are you booking one for yourself???


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    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 8 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      My fav, is seeing two white rocking chairs on old front porches!!!! Love my glider chair too, although I don't care for the look of most gliders, there is something so relaxing once that gliding starts!!! :-)