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The Rocking Chair Eby Way

Updated on June 5, 2022
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I am a retired social worker, mental health counselor, addiction therapist, and author of two spiritual self-help books:

Love Swing

Everything is Beautiful
Everything is Beautiful | Source

Introduction: Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair
By Gary Eby, MSW

If you have read some of my motivational articles, you realize that I love my fireplace. It has a certain mystical, magical, and even primeval attraction that truly comforts my soul. Recently I discovered another way to enhance this whole cosmic and spiritual experience.

My wife and I purchased some lazy boy chairs where we can sit in front of the fireplace, and rock to the rhythm of the dancing light flames. The chair surrounds my body with soft, puffy, chenille material, which makes me feel safe, nurtured, and pampered. To top it off, our white, west-terrier known as Max, usually jumps up in my lap. His body heat adds to my enjoyment of the rocking as I bask in the warmth and serenity of those glowing, orange embers.

Naturally I become very relaxed and I might drift off into a twilight sleep like a soft meditative state. During these times I sense a deeper connection to my spiritual Self and Divine Source.

Today I would like to share with you how the rocking chair is merely a metaphorical symbol for a process I use to nurture and love myself. Keep in mind throughout our discussion today, that I believe the solution to all our problems is to love yourself unconditionally.

Of course there are a variety of ways to walk with and breathe in a God-Connection. You are completely free to use your own system to find that opening through the darkness of setbacks the physical world presents to us.

As I meditate, rock, and watch the clash of light swords, let me focus on three healing stories, which feature my process of living, being, and walking in the Light.

Positive Energy

Self-Love | Source

Three Healing Stories

Story #1.
When I was a boy I had a horrible problem with bronchitis and asthma. To make a long story short, I suffered greatly; I can't think of a worse condition than hardly being able to breathe. As a young man, I was still plagued by this malady. In my search for relief and a cure, I turned to my faith in Spirit for a healing. Consequently, I became a diligent student of Christian Science and New Thought principles advocated by the Unity movement.

One night, despite my dependence on inhalers and other medications that barely brought relief, I asked the Father to reveal to me how I could experience comfort and even healing. The idea occurred to me to visualize the Light of God flowing through my chest and lungs. I felt the warmth, heat, and power of that Love-Light. After several so-called treatments, I became totally free from that chronic disease.

Now, let me encourage you to rock with me awhile. In your mind's eye, see yourself embraced by the infinite flame of Love-Light. How might you use this imagery to gain comfort from some serious life-problem that keeps confronting you?

Story #2.
A couple of years ago, at the age of 65, I noticed a strange, scaly growth on my face above my left eye. The dermatologist told me this spot was cancer. I was scared and shaken by such a diagnosis.

He arranged quickly to have me come in for a procedure where he scraped and burned off that strange growth. Unfortunately, when I returned home, I realized he took off the wrong spot and the cancer was still there! Remembering my encounter with bronchitis and asthma as a young man, I returned to using the image of Love-Light for relief and comfort.

I actually placed my left hand on the growth. I felt the warmth, heat, and love of God's Light. I did this treatment daily for three weeks. The spot crusted over and dropped off. I was completely free of the cancer!

Rock with me again in your own lazy boy chair of Spirit. Do you sense the faith and peace that comes from knowing we always have access to the God-Energy some call chi? Maybe that's why I am so attracted to firelight.

Story #3.
Recently, I came down with a terrible cold. I was so clogged up and miserable that I flashed back to my childhood fear of not being able to breathe. But now I had my rocking chair and the fireplace. Even though I was using over-the-counter, homeopathic remedies without much affect, I surrounded myself with the Light of the Holy Spirit. I placed my hands on my sinuses, and I visualized the Love-Light flowing through my nasal passages.

In addition, I affirmed the following spiritual principles:
#1. I AM Light.
#2. I AM always connected to the Love-Light of God.
#3. God is my life. God is my consciousness, my health, the source of all Good.
#4. I feel the warmth, heat, and love of Spirit flowing through me.
#5. Therefore, I shine with perfect health, creative energy, unlimited abundance, unconditional love, omnipotent grace, and infinite wisdom!
#6. still. ( Then I surrendered the whole thing to the Infinite Presence.)

When I let go, I like to imagine being on my favorite beach in Brookings, Oregon. I hear, smell, and see the crashing waves against the huge, black, volcanic rocks. Then I switch to being on a cruise ship. I am walking the deck, looking out at the infinite ocean. There is a slight but soothing rocking sensation. I am grateful for this joy, comfort, and peace. And of course, I can always return to my rocking chair in front of the fireplace.

And you know what? The cold vanished and I am breathing normally again!

Spiritual Wisdom

Find the Spirit Within
Find the Spirit Within | Source

Everything is Beautiful


Perhaps we should all get rocking chairs and sit a spell at the fireplace? I invite you to join with me and participate in the band of Light that circles the globe with spiritual wisdom: consciousness is eternal; healing is inevitable. Just feel the power of all that unconditional Light and Love within and around us. You might want to spend time daily in your own peaceful or comforting setting, realizing your connection to divine Self and our Creator. For me, I choose to rock in front of the fireplace.


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