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Wall Switch Plates - A Finishing Decorative Touch

Updated on August 30, 2011

Light Switch Plates

For the finishing touch to any room, switch plate covers work perfectly by adding that final detail. Lots of people don't bother to customize their light switch plates, but it's a minor detail that can add a touch of originality to any room.

If you've just redecorated or are trying to refresh your existing decor, little touches like adding new curtains, scatter cushions, rugs, lights and switch plate covers can really finish a room off. It's all down to the details.

Below is an array of light switch plates for any room and any taste, the best thing is, they're really affordable, so adding that finishing touch won't break the budget!

Switch Plate Covers For Nurseries and Kids Rooms

You can really go to town when decorating a kid's room, it's their little haven and decor wise, anything goes! The more fun the better.

Whether you're going all out with a themed room, or just keeping it plain with some cute accents, childlike switch plate covers provide a novel addition to a boring old light switch.

Great for nurseries or older little boys or girls rooms, there's an excellent choice of switch plate covers to suit any theme or color scheme.

It's amazing how such a small addition can update a room.

Switch Plate Covers Featuring Animals

For animal lovers, these light switch plates are decorative and fun. If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary to add to a room, these switch plate covers will deliver!

No matter what your favorite animal, you're bound to find it on amazon, they have a vast selection of animal switch plate covers from all areas of the animal kingdom.

If you're looking for your favorite animal, or just an animal cover to match your color scheme, there's plenty of choice. Go through to the product pages for lots more options.

You probably won't find a sloth one though! But I could be wrong.

Switch Plate Covers Inspired By Nature

These light switch covers are pretty and earthy. Perfect for a tween girl's room, or anywhere that requires a feminine accent.

The tree cover of Fall colors would lovely wonderful in an earthy toned living space or bedroom. That's the great thing about switch plate covers, they're really affordable and you can really personalize a room by adding one.

They look so much more interesting as a piece of decor than a regular light switch, it's just a tiny little accent that make a living space more personalized and unique. Who notices light switches? These make them into features rather than just functioning units stuck on the wall.

Decorative Switch Plates

Whether you want opulent, elegant, or just plain bold, these are the light switch plates to go for.

A great look is a textured switch plate, that adds dimension, or a bold color that stands out. If it's right there on the wall anyway, why not make a feature out of it.

Switch Plate Covers In Animal Print

Animal prints are a contemporary look that's bold and making a statement. If you've gone for this look, a light switch plate in animal print will finalize a room adding to the theme.

Zebra print and leopard print for the home are hot trends right now, if you've gone for either of these themes, a zebra or leopard print switch plate cover is a must!

This is a really young and funky look that works in any room.


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