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Leopard Print For The Home - Leopard Decor

Updated on August 30, 2011

Leopard Print Products For The Home

Animal prints are on trend, not just in the clothing fashion stakes, but in home furnishings too. The leopard print is a bold design that is eye catching and both classic and contemporary depending on how you use it. It can be added to any room for a bit of animalistic style.

Below you will find a full range of leopard print items for the home, whether you're looking for furniture, bedding, curtains or other home accessories, they are all listed.

Adding leopard print to a room can instantly brighten it up and add a touch of current trends. Whether you're looking for a leopard theme or just some leopard accents, there's something for everyone and every budget.

Leopard Print Seating

As you can see to the right, there's plenty of choice when it comes to leopard print seating options. From classic style chairs, benches, to extra large beanbags that comfortably seat two adults.

Adding leopard print to any room will make a strong feature, though the prints do vary so you can be as subtle or as bold as you choose. For a traditional, or more classic approach, leopard prints work well with decor that is neutral. Colors such as creams, and chocolatey browns can give a classic or contemporary look and feel depending on design.

For a striking look that again can either be classic or contemporary, oranges work great with leopard prints. Not bright DayGlo orange, but more of a rustic terracotta or lighter desert feel.

You may choose to be ultra contemporary and team leopard print with bold colors such as pink or purple and other animal prints such as zebra. I like the eclectic look, it's young, fresh and striking. Though of course, not to everyones taste!

Leopard Print Bedding

Bedding can transform a bedroom from dull to stunning in the time that it takes to put it on.

Vibrant bedding sets make the bed into a feature and look way more inviting than something plain and / or mismatched. A well made bed with a good quality comforter and pillows will always detract from decor that needs updating.

Leopard print bedding comes in a variety of styles and designs and looks stylish on any sized bed.

Leopard print throws make great pieces for just adding a slight touch of leopard print to a room. They're pretty cosy too and that's a must for any bedroom.

Leopard Print Rugs

Adding a rug to a room is an easy way to attain a new look with minimal effort. Rugs can be room features or handy items that cover up worn carpets, damaged floors or just everyday stains that can't be removed.

Leopard print rugs would look amazing on a light wooden or laminated floor, as the tones would compliment each other perfectly.

If you're looking to add a touch of leopard print to a room, a rug is an easy way to do so.

With lots of different styles, designs and prices to choose from, there's a leopard print rug to suit any room no matter what your budget is.

Leopard Print Curtains

If you're looking for a leopard print theme or just a few accents of it around the home, leopard print curtains are a great option.

Any window would look really contemporary and stylish with leopard print curtains, it's a real change in design and would compliment a room with other leopard items such as a rug or bedding.

Other Leopard Print Items For The Home

Not content with seating, bedding, rugs and curtains, there's plenty more leopard print items for the home for all budgets.

The great thing about animal prints is that they can be added to any room in the house and make a real difference to the decor. Currently very on trend in home furnishings, animal prints bring a fun but stylish edge no matter how you choose to use them.

Going for an all out leopard theme room may sound crazy, but if you have a plain neutral decor it could work well, especially in a bedroom. Leopard bedding, curtains and a rug would make a bedroom into a real exotic, sensual haven. Black decor would compliment a leopard theme bedroom perfectly.

If you're just looking to add a touch of leopard print, that's easily doable with the items that have been featured.

The accent of a lamp, scatter cushions or a switch plate would work well in a living room or bedroom.

Leopard print could be added to a bathroom by choosing a leopard print shower curtain.

If you're looking for leopard print items for the home, you've got plenty to choose from for every room. Animal prints are hot in home furnishings right now, so whichever kind you choose, your home furnishings will be on trend and the height of interior design fashions.


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