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Wooden Gates for Beauty and Security

Updated on August 27, 2013

There are few things that can add to the beauty and value of your home like a well-crafted wooden gate. Wooden gates made from quality materials add a mark of distinction that attract and please the eye. Whether you are looking for a gate for your front walk, for access to the back yard or garden, or for your driveway, wooden gates add value to your home far in excess of their cost. A sturdy gate also provides protection for you and your family by keeping unwanted visitors out while keeping children and pets safely inside.

Wooden Gates look beautiful and natural surrounded by the foliage of your garden.
Wooden Gates look beautiful and natural surrounded by the foliage of your garden.

Types of Wooden Gates

There are many types and styles of wooden gates available for every home and neighborhood. Garden or backyard gates provide a distinctive accent to the home whether you are looking for a colonial style in West Virginia, an English garden feeling you new home in Memphis, or something more modern to fit in with your house’s particular architecture in San Diego.

Wooden driveway gates are also available in an entire range of styles and fashioned from a number of different kinds of wood. Redwood, cedar, and mahogany woods provide resistance to the weather while adding a striking and unique detail to the property. Wooden driveway gates can be fitted with motors for automatic opening upon command.

Front walk gates add a sense of solidity and security where it matters most, where the home meets the street or sidewalk. These gates can be made in elegant lattice or slatted wood designs, in a gapless design, or with a traditional, homey picket fence look.

How To Buy a Wooden Gate

There are two ways to purchase a wooden gate for your house, including hiring a gate fashioning company to build a custom-designed gate or purchasing a manufactured gate from a building supply store or hardware.
Custom-designed gates are ideal for lending your home a distinctive style and for providing you with the kind of security and functionality you need. Those with children or pets can opt for a closed design style of wooden gate while those with beautiful gardens to show off might choose a more open, latticed gate. Different types of wood hold up better to various climates while complementing your home’s architecture.
Pre-manufactured gates are another good way to go at a lower cost than a custom-designed gates. Many styles of these wooden gates are available and can be easily installed upon arrival. Your home building store should have a number of wooden gates on hand and can give you advice as to which kinds best suit your needs.

Quality Matters

Whether you are in the market for custom designed wooden gates or for a pre-manufactured model, the quality of the gate will make all the difference. A well-made gate will last much longer and look much better while providing optimum security and beauty.

The first thing to look at, of course, is the wood the gate is made from. Cedar and redwoods will stand up under the harshest of weather conditions, while pressure-treated pine or other sealed woods will do the job nicely as well. Look for small details in the construction such as whether the ends of boards are well sanded or left rough and jagged and how well joints or crosspieces fit together. These details can give good clues as to the durability and craftsmanship of both custom and pre-made wooden gates.

And don’t forget to check the hardware for durability and design too. Look at hinges, screws and bolts, latches, and any motors for workmanship and functionality. Most custom gate designers offer warrantees on their work and well-constructed factory-made gates should as well.

Wooden Gate Builders

A quick Internet search for wooden gates will bring up a whole host of custom gate builders as well as fencing and gate companies that provide pre-made varieties. Many custom builders are local and can be found in the phonebook or online directories. Building stores like Home Depot and Ace Hardware are good places to look for factory-designed gates. Some custom builders will make your gate to your specification and then ship it to you for you to install yourself. Take a look at Pacific Gate Works to see how this kind of wooden gate company works.


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