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Updated on December 19, 2011

Hatteras Hammocks

Founded in the early 1970's by Walter R. Perkins Jr, this hammock brand has since become one of the most sought after rope hammocks in the U.S. and this product brand can be found at their official website. Each rope hammock is made to exacting specifications and they are known to use more rope than most other competitors. According to the manufacturer the rope they use is stronger and heavier than most all others on the market and their wooden spreader bars last longer and are stronger than most others too. They only use cumaru wood, an extremely durable and deeply grained hardwood that is harvested in South America.

They also, sometime back, improved their hammock stands, which were already some of the strongest on the market, to even stronger and more durable standards. The company prides itself on making one of the most beautiful, comfortable and durable hammocks on the market today. They are a market leader in high end hammocks, stands and accessories. By 1987, they had grown into the world's top hammock producer and manufacturer. Their official website is at

Hatteras Hammocks

Upon viewing their product selection at their website, you can see their entire selection of high-end hammocks, stands and accessories. You can choose from either rope or fabric hammocks with a single swing or a double swing design. The also have produced a "hanging hammock bed'. Their stands are neat and durable, such as the all weather Roman Arc, the Roman Arc Hammock Stand, steel stands, swing stand and steel swing stands. For an assortment of add-ons and accessories you can choose from hammock pillows, decorative pillows and bolster pillows. Some additional accessories include hammock and swing canopies, tables, storage bags, caddy, swing springs, rocking kit, comfort cubes, wheel kits, drink holders with cooler, tree and tie down straps.

Their collections are names as follows: the Artist, the Skygazer, the Adventurer and the Mariner. You can also choose from single rockers, double rockers, double swings, high dining, Cumaru swing stand and the Cumaru side table.

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