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Zombies in the Kitchen

Updated on October 2, 2014

Got Brains?

Well then you will simply Love this zombie decor for the kitchen, it's sophisticated, classy & dare I say fab-u-lous! Ok, I'll be honest.... It's bloody & covered in rotting flesh but it's cool & zombie-rific so just go with it!

Zombies Love Delicious Brains Khaki Apron 31"

What better way to get in the mood for grilling like zombies eating brains! This great apron will be perfect for grilling or flipping pancakes & shows your love for all things undead!

Creepy Zombie Head Mug

Everyone needs a mature looking coffee mug to start the day & for those important meetings...what's more mature then a rotting zombie head? His skin is green & oozing with just a hint of undead in his eyes.

Zombie Head Decanter - Clear

Zombie Head Decanter - Clear
Zombie Head Decanter - Clear

Zombie Glass Decanter

No bar could possibly be complete without this adorable cheek pinching cute zombie decanter! It's clear glass and features just the head of a zombie for those classy dinner parties.

Zombie Bottle Opener

This charming little zombie will class up any kitchen, garage or sophisticated dinner party...well maybe not that last one. it mounts on the wall so your going to have to really embrace this theme!

Gelatin Mold Zombie Brain

Archie McPhee Gelatin Mold Zombie Brain
Archie McPhee Gelatin Mold Zombie Brain
Your kids will be delighted to dine on some brightly colors gelatin brains! Add in some gummy worms for added gross effect. Personally Green is the only Jell-o to use but you can get creative on this disgusting mold.

Zombie Dance Party Cookie Kit

Break out a dance party with this fab cookie kit! Even those teenagers will drag themselves off the bed to help with this fun project. it comes with everything you need to make 8-10 super special cookies.

Genuine Fred BRRRAINS Silicone Ice Tray
Genuine Fred BRRRAINS Silicone Ice Tray
What do zombies like in their drinks? Chilled ice brains of course! This cool silicone ice mold is perfect for whipping up little brains. You can make 6 at a time & they will sure to the hit of the drink line.

Gruesome Ceramic Green Urban Zombie Goodie Jar w/Bloody Brain Lid

This 8.5" tall goodie jar is perfect for storing candy or your favorite snacks! He's got green skin and a brain lid that everyone will love!

Magnetic Poetry Zombie

Zombie Cookie Jar Head

Tired of those boring cookie jars shaped like cows or...well Jars? Bring this zombie to life (so to speak) with a head full of cookies!

Zombie Brains Decorative Poster

No zombie kitchen is complete without a little tasteful artwork!

Undead Fred Zombie Shaped Cookie Cutters Novelty Kitchen Bakeware


Undead Fred Zombie Shaped Cookie Cutters Novelty Kitchen Bakeware

Few things in life are better than making fresh baked cookies with the family...but they don't want to decorate cute little stars & hearts! They want cold undead zombie cookies....then they want to eat their delicious cookie flesh!

Zombie Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Even the undead love a nice bottle of wine! This spiffy wine bottle holder will be great for a special occasion or anytime you need a hand.

Zombie Door Stop (Crawling)

The undead have a purpose too, this one hold those pesky door open for you. He fits perfectly with the theme & look pretty spectacular.

Spinning Hat Blood Kitchen Floor Mat

Spinning Hat Blood Kitchen Floor Mat
Spinning Hat Blood Kitchen Floor Mat

Spinning Hat Blood Kitchen Floor Mat

Designed as a bath mat...but really who Wouldn't love this in the kitchen?

Spinning Hat Blood Hand Towel

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Hand Towel

What can I say it matches the rug, if you gonna decorate go all the way.

Zombie Evolution - Wall Vinyl Decal

Zombie Evolution - Wall Vinyl Decal
Zombie Evolution - Wall Vinyl Decal

Zombie evolution? I say fabulous back splash! This groovy Wall decal is 36" wide with a solid black matte finish.


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