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Boost Your Immune System

Updated on August 7, 2007

Supercharged Immune System

Perhaps the most important factor in one's ability to enjoy good health and a long life is to maintain a strong immune system. Whether one is sedentary or a super athlete having a strong immune system is critical to one's ability to fight off infections (bacterial and viral), fungus, other invading parasites and cancer. It is well documented that a person's genetic make-up, including the blood type, has a great influence on his/her immune system. However, proper nutrition, exercise and supplementation can greatly improve one's immune system and therefore, the ability to fight off illnesses. Here are a few simple steps one can take to supercharge his/her immune system:

Reduce stress: Simple excersizes, walking, meditation, music, adequate sleep (see my hub on melatonin) anything that will help you forget about the daily rat race. Also see my hub on cortisol, the stress hormone.

Eat right, don't diet: Eat three balanced meals a day including whole fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grain cereals, quality protein, quality fats and supplement with vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and trace elements. Most importantly, stay away from the devil, processed sugar. Processed sugar has an enormously negative influence on our immune system.

Supplementation: Threre are also a number of immune boosting products. I use Advanced Ambrotose ( I used to get colds, bronchitis and even pneumonia during training and race season (cycling). A cancer survivor friend of mine introduced me to Advanced Ambrotose. This product is expensive, but, I have enjoyed good health with no more bronchial illnesses during training. Note: I do not have any financial/business interest in this product. It is just something that I've used that works for me.


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    • Woemwood profile image

      Woemwood 11 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      At least there is someone who talks common sense, I am myself in the health business for 35 years and practice herbal medicine, your advice is very sound.