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Chris Jericho - The new WWE world heavyweight champion

Updated on September 7, 2008

For those who missed tonight's wwe pay-per-view "unforgiven", Chris Jericho pulled off a major surprise by becoming the new world heavyweight champion.

How it happened

Early on in tonight's unforgiven pay-per-view, current world heavyweight champion C.M. Punk was attacked during an interview by Randy Orton. Later raw general manager Mike Adamle, announced that he would find a suitable replacement for Punk in the world championship scramble match. Adamle did keep his word as Jericho was the last to enter, as-well as the winner of the match.

There is no word yet if the C.M. Punk injury was part of the storyline or if Punk was pulled from the match for an actual injury. It is not a normal thing for WWE to pull a current champion from a match that he has been advertised for.

A bad night turned good

Earlier during the unforgiven pay-per-view, Chris Jericho was involved in a much publicized, unsanctioned match with Shawn Michaels. WWE has been building the unsanctioned match for weeks, and was easily the best match of the show despite Shawn Michaels having a damaged triceps that occurred during last weeks episode of WWE Raw. The match was eventually stopped by referee Marty Elias naming Michaels the winner, however despite the loss Jericho would walk out of unforgiven as the new champion.

Shawn Michaels Y2J Unsanctioned match

Jericho's WWE history

Chis Jericho is no stranger to being a champion. Jericho entered world wrestling entertainment in 1999 following a very successful career with world championship wrestling. During his WWE career he has captured the intercontinental Championship a record 8 times and, the world tag team championship 3 times. Jericho has also held the WWE title, the European title and was the wwe's first ever undisputed champion.

WWE's full unforgiven pay-per-view results here

Y2J debut 1999


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    • profile image

      chukwudi 7 years ago

      why him,

    • knslms profile image

      knslms 9 years ago from North Carolina

      I saw a hint of the old Jericho last night when he was talking on Raw.

      Ultimate warrior anounced a few months ago that he would be returning to wrestling, but not to wwe or tna. His website:

      Yoku unfortunatly past away a few years ago.

      Bret Hart is still unable to wrestle due to an accident he had in the ring with Bill Goldberg a few years ago in wcw. Not to sure what he is doing these days however he is probably training new wrestlers with his dad's company in Canada.

      I will do a hub soon on the old wrestlers with a where are they now theme.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    • ASHWINSPGA profile image

      ASHWINSPGA 9 years ago from Lion City ( Singapore)

      Do you remember the early WWF days when Chris Jericho would enter ever so stylish with his Bug music? He was and still is one of my favourites. Great hub for wrestling lovers like me buddy. Any chance you know what happened to Ultimate Warrior, Hit-man Hart, Yakuza and the rest of the gang? you know who they are. thumbs up buddy