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Updated on November 7, 2008
Have you ever experienced physical desire, desire to have a woman? I think this is a stupid question to ask a man, but anyway.....there are two types of desires, the first one is just physical natural man's desire to have any woman who is attractive, and the second type is a desire to have the woman you love. Here you experience along with physical natural desire a spiritual longing to become one with her. Now if you never experienced it, I cannot explain it to you as desire is totally subjective. I can just wish you love. There will be a slight sweet pain in this desire. For some this pain is so intense that they abstain from human love and become ascetics.

You have to use the same desire to attract wealth. In a small way I have experimented this successfully. Now if you blame me for comparing love with money, I would say that like love, money is also a part of wealth, may be of lesser importance but it has its own importance. Remember to put an iota of spirituality while desiring wealth to be mentally and spirituality healthy. As every emotion, this desire is also experienced by can feel a sweet pain in you. It is very important to have this type of desire to attract wealth because this is only sane way to crave for anything. The ego driven and greed driven and desires causes more harm to you than anything else. Take time to think about wealth....imagine wealth (wealth means different things to different people) and see if it produces the desire in you...if not first experience the desire and link it to wealth. How to do this? wait for my next post.

God bless you.


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