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Updated on October 27, 2006

A Day At Work

As usual six girls and one man started doing their tasks in the factory. Just after lunch two guys entered the building. They are trying to fix the electrical wirings. One guy left the building, . In a little while sounds of a hammer on the east upper side was heard. The girl who was doing her job below the hammering sound was asked to leave her space because they are boring a hole to push through the wiring. The hammering sound stop. The wide door open and a machine was driven in.It was a small crane to lift the other guy up and reachthe wires at the top of the building. The girl who left her space was back doing her job. . At this point the small crane was beside her. "Maybe you can leave your space again." Another girl reminded her. But the electrician said it's just okay. The only man working with the girls rushed to the scene and shouted at her, "Don't you know that you should leave ? I've told you ten minutes ago." But the girl answered."They said there's is no problem if I stay".The guy blurted. "I don't care who told you that but I am your Health and Safety Supervisor and blah blah blah........ The girl hurried to take off her apron ,threw it down and left her space and confronted the guy. "Stop shouting at me. Can't you see I'm taking off my apron." They kept shouting at each other so another lady intervened . She led the girl to work with someone at the end corner. The lady who intervened went to call the plant manager. The plant manager approach the girl at the corner and asked her if she was okay. The girl said, "Yes". She stayed wrapping and marking things. Now the small crane was out of the building and the wirings were put into place. The two guys left. The girl went back to her space and continue what she was doing. It was about 4:00 p. m.. The guy who shouted to the girl went to her and said,"I know it was not appropriate for me to do that and I apologize." The girl said,"Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect at work. If you did not come and talk to me ,tonight you will not sleep well and the same thing would happen to me. " I know what you mean which is written in the Bible." The guy went to the other girls and also made an apology.. The next day the guy is not working with the girls but moved to another department.



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