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Free File Hosting

Updated on March 20, 2008

What is File Hosting ?

File Hosting is service that allow users to upload files to web server and access them as needed. If you have a file uploaded to file hosting service, you can download them as needed with a special download link. If you wish, you can share the file download link with your friends or web site visitors, that way they can also download the file you have uploaded to file hosting service.

Don't Send Large Files through Email

Many people send large files through email attachment. This can cause problem if the recipients mail box is full. Also some mail servers have limit on file size that can be attached. Also if recipient is on slow connection and use mail client software, he have to wait long time to download his mail with out knowing there is a large attachment is on the way.

Saving Bandwidth

If you are hosting with shared hosting, you may know web hosts have limit on bandwidth you can use per month also limit on web space. There are few hosts provide unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, but infact, they don't have such resource, they offer unlimited everything to get uneducated customer signup for these unlimited hosting offers.

Most web host charge for bandwidth overages. Quality bandwidth cost $0.1 to $0.5 per GB of data transfer, so if you share large files, you will end up with bandwidth overage invoice.

It is better to host your files on free file hosting services, this can save money. Some file hosting service even share revenue with users, so if you have files that get lot of downloads, you can make money too by sharing these files.

Recommended File Sharing Sites

200 MB per file limit

Unlimited Storage Space

No Download Limits

Share revenue with users

150 MB file size limit

Unlimited Storage Space

They only allow one download at a time, also have some time restrictions.

Premium paid membership provide unrestricted download access.


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