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Good Bunny, Bad Bunny: An Owner's Guide For Rabbit Problems and Problem Rabbits

Updated on October 25, 2008


PART ONE: The Basics Of Care

Get these basics right and you'll be putting yourself and your bunny in good stead for a happy and long life together.

What To Feed Your Bunny

Basic Veterinary Care

The House Bunny

House Bunny Litter Training

House Bunny Bedding and Accomodation

PART TWO: Help! My Bunny Hates Me!

Now let's work on that homicidal rage, shall we?

My Bunny Hates Me

How To Handle A Bunny 101

Basic Bunny Grooming (Trimming Nails, Brushing)

Advanced Bunny Grooming (Bunny Bath, Molting)

Bunny At Play

The Happy Bunny (Rabbit Communication)

Disciplining The Naughty Bunny

Most rabbit care writings hold the rabbit up as a sweet, angelic, gentle pet which hippity hops around the garden, nibbling at blades of grass and doing no wrong. This one doesn't, because in the author's opinion, the rabbit is one of the most common and yet least understood pets in the world.

Whilst some rabbits may be perfect little angels, many rabbits have more than a touch of the devil in them, and every year hundreds and thousands of children, their parents, and other new bunny owners are dismayed to discover that the cute little ball of fur they just brought home with the hopes of forging a friendly relationship does not intend to cooperate with them in the least bit. All too often, the bunny ends up as little more an unwilling prisoner, locked in a cage in the back yard, largely neglected because of its 'mean' temperament and striking back at its jailers by scratching, biting, or kicking when they do get within swinging distance.

If you've found yourself thrust into the role of rabbit prison guard, or worse, hapless victim stuck in an ongoing cycle of bunny related domestic violence, then this series is for you.

Contained herein are two parts designed to work with one another. One is a basic care section, covering the things you need to know about keeping a rabbit. Oftentimes behavioral issues arise from inadequate care which is given by well meaning owners who simply haven't been given the information they need to care for their rabbit properly. Both mainstream media, and even the pet industry commonly disseminate lies about rabbits that result in the poor health, bad behavior, and untimely deaths of many pet rabbits. Knowing how to care for a rabbit properly is often half the battle.

The second part of the series focuses on your interaction with your rabbit, and includes a behavioral section which helps you understand why your bunny has the manners of a sociopath and teaches you how you can use bunny language to communicate with your rabbit.

So, let us begin on the great journey of understanding and living with your rabbit in perfect harmony. (Okay, perhaps not perfect harmony, but maybe you'll be able to pet the bunny without it trying to shed your blood.)

There are twelve articles in this series, follow them all through and you should be a much better rabbit owner with a much happier rabbit by the end of them.

Let's start with: The Basics


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    • profile image

      bunny 5 years ago

      My bunny did not want to come home the day i went to get her but i played with her a lot and she warmed up just fine. then as she got older she was not such an angel anymore. it turns out that she was just lonely. so they aren't just devils from lack of attention, or exercise.

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