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Good Bunny, Bad Bunny: The Happy Bunny

Updated on October 25, 2008

Even evil bunnies are sometimes happy, and happy bunnies are not shy about showing their joy. Happy bunnies will sprint around, leaping in the air and twisting their bodies. This is known as a 'binky' and is a sure sign that your rabbit is content and happy. If your rabbit never binkys it doesn't mean that it is terribly unhappy, some rabbits simply binky more than others, much like some people laugh or smile more than others.

Content bunnies also tend to simply flop down on their sides, usually at the side of a room, legs spread out behind them, head on the floor. A rabbit doing this is a very content, secure bunny indeed. Having its tummy exposed, its legs stretched out, and its eyes closed makes it very vulnerable to predators, so if your rabbit does this near you, it shows that he or she trusts you a great deal, and is not nervous or unhappy.

Signs of Love

Because rabbits communicate so differently from other animals, it may sometimes be hard to tell if your rabbit loves you.

Grooming is a sign of affection amongst rabbits, so if your bunny licks and nuzzles you, you can be sure that it feels some love for you. This is true even if it still occasionally displays aggression, after all, you can't be allowed to get out of hand, can you?

Other times rabbits won't groom you, but they will groom objects near you. This is a sign that the rabbit likes you, but doesn't want to get too familiar with the serfs.

The more time spent with your rabbit, the more you will come to understand how it commmunicates with you. The nose is a great window to a bunny's thoughts. Slow twitches indicate contentment and relaxation. Fast twitches indicate interest and perhaps concern.

Feet are also great communication tools for rabbits. That thumping sound they make with their back feet can be to indicate danger, but it is also often used to indicate displeasure with you, the foolish humans.

Even if your rabbit doesn't do these things yet, all is not lost. With time spent together, the bond is sure to grow. Some rabbits take many months to express even the slightest hint of affection for their owners, so do not despair if even after being fixed and gently handled regularly your terror of a rabbit still prefers to beat on you. Just use the tips in the next section to nip those problem behaviors in the bud.

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    • profile image

      cosette 8 years ago

      hee hee, your blogs are insightful, well thought-out and extremely accurate. as a bunny parent myself, I can tell you are well informed and worship those little guys as much as I do. keep up the good work!

      - a fan even before I came to HubPages

    • profile image

      maysa 8 years ago

      bulldozer is my first pet and my nayghty bunny ! lovya bulldozer!!!!!!!!!!