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Highlights of the Christian Church First Millenium

Updated on April 15, 2008

Highlights of the Christian Church First Millenium

Here is a survey of the most important dates in the history of the Christian Church. first one thousand years.

EVENTS With Corresponding dates

Devastating fire ravages Rome. Emperor Nero blames Christians and unleashes persecution. (Year 64 AD)

Titus destroys Jerusalem and Temple. Separation deepens between Christianity and Judaism. (Year 70 AD )

Justin Martyr writes his First Apology advancing Christian efforts to address competing philosophies. (Year 150 AD )

The martyrdom of 86-year-old Polycarp inspires Christians to stand firm under opposition. (Year 156 AD )

Irenaeus becomes Bishop of Lyons and combats developing heresies afflicting the Christian Church. ( Year 177 AD )

Tertullian begins writings that earn him reputation as "Father of Latin Theology." ( Year 196 AD )

North African Origen begins his influential writings. Head of noted catechetical school in Alexandria. (Year 205 AD )

Cyprian, bishop of Carthage publishes his important work on "Unity of the Church." He was martyred in 258 AD. (Year 251 AD )

Antony gives away his possession and begins life as a hermit, a key event in development of monasticism. (Year 270 AD )

The conversion of Constantine who sees a vision of the cross and becomes a defender and advocate of the oppressed Christians. (Year 312 AD )

The Council of Nicea addressed debates perplexing the church and defines the doctrine of who Jesus really was. (Year 325 AD )

Athanasius Easter Letter recognizes the New Testament Canon confirming the Same books we now have. ( Year 367 AD )

Bishop Ambrose defies the Empress in Milan. Church will confront the state When necessary to safeguard Christian teaching. (Year 385 AD )

Conversion of Augustine. His writings become bedrock for the Middle Ages.He is the author of Confessions and City of God which are widely read today (Year 387 AD )

John Chrysostom becomes Bishop of Constatinople and leads there amidst controversies. (Year 398 AD )

Jerome completes the "Vulgate" Bible that becomes the standard for the next thousand years. ( Year 405 AD)

Patrick goes as missionary to Ireland .He returned and led multitudes of Irish people to the Christian Faith. (Year 432 AD )

The Council of Chalcedon confirms orthodox teaching that Jesus was truly God and truly man. (Year 451 AD )

Columba goes as a missionary to Scotland. He establishes the legendary monastic Missionary center at Iona. (Year 563 AD )

Boniface the "apostle of Germany" sets out as a missionary and brings the Gospel to pagan areas. ( Year 716 AD )

Cyril and Methodius, two Greek brothers evangelize slavs . (Year 863 AD )

Conversion of Vladimir, Prince of Kiev - searches the religions of the world and Chooses orthodoxy to unify and guide the Russian people. (Year 988 AD)

SOURCE :History of Christianity

Published by Christian History Institute


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    • profile image

      Tony Chuter 7 years ago

      Very useful

    • profile image

      DeWayne E. Benson 7 years ago

      The URL (optional) I am leaving is an important study regarding the two separate Thousands within Revelations chapter-20, that from a Latin translation in 382AD became known as the Millennium.

      I ask that in deep prayer you validate/invalidate this study, indeed heresies abound in some churches today, yet Gods word is without error, however without the HS discernment can and is made in error.

      Lord bless and guide you,

    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 9 years ago from Manila

      Thanks Wehzo for appreciating this hub.

    • profile image

      wehzo 9 years ago

      Very good hub Cristina327. These, after the Bible itself, are some of the writings that inspire me to stand up to modern day heresies, and there are many. Thanks for sharing this with us.