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How To Stop A Destructive Bunny PART ONE

Updated on December 23, 2007

Rabbits are great pets, and they are increasingly being kept inside by many bunny owners, which is great for the rabbit, and great for the people that own them. It is much easier to bond with a rabbit that lives indoors versus one that lives outdoors, and it is much more convenient to enjoy their company. In addition to this, most rabbits are easily house trained, and compare favorably to other domestic animals who traditionally live inside, such as dogs and cats. There can be a downside to keeping rabbits indoors however, and that is that rabbits can be rather destructive.

Rabbits can chew wires, burrow into furniture, chew on furniture, eat house plants, and get into all sorts of trouble. For this reason, many owners despair and put their rabbits back outside. However this is not the only way, in many cases, there are steps you can take that will make your rabbit less destructive.

Toys Toys Toys

The more toys you give your rabbit, the more likely it is that he or she will leave your house alone. Rabbits are very inquisitive and active by nature. They are also great workers. They love to dig, build tunnels, throw things around, and get annoying obstacles out of their way. You need to provide them objects that they can work and play on, otherwise they are highly likely to work and play on your house and furniture, an arrangement that most humans find to be unsatisfactory.

Toys can be very simple indeed, even a cardboard box can give an industrious rabbit hours of fun as they chew holes into it for escape purposes, head butt it around the floor to get it into that perfect position, or simply flop down and have a nap inside.

Other popular toys are toys that rabbits can throw around. Small pieces of untreated are wood are great for this as it also gives your rabbit's teeth something to work on, which will help keep them down.

Do not despair if your rabbit does not seem to want to play with a toy you get it, rabbits like different sorts of activities at different times, and while one bunny may go mad for a cardboard box, another one might simply sniff at it and hop away. Filling the box with newspaper can provide for a great old time digging and ripping it up, just make sure that your rabbit is simply shredding the paper and not actually eating it.

More on simple carboard bunny toys can be found HERE

Read on to Part Two, where the other two stages of stopping your bunny from being destructive are explained.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi I have a 4 yaer old bunny named precious and she is very active but I am starting to get scared of her because she scraches me and my sister is their anything I can do

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I have a 16 month bunny named Benji and seems to be mad at me. He can be playful, but he always hides from me. And i have been doing everything you said, but it doesn't seem to work. Is there any other ideas?

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I have a 8 month lop eared bunny named babs she has been digging on us and nipping on us just after she has been petted .. she just gets comfy and starts digging with claws and nipping why is she doin that and how can we stop her with out offending her .... she is very tempermental bunny


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